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The word ‘Gown’ dates back to medieval ages. Essentially European in concept, gown was generally used to refer to a long, over-coat like garment. Over the centuries, gown underwent tremendous changes, and came to be associated with many professions as well as a variety of women’s ensembles. Later, women’s long attire with a defined bodice and an attached skirt came to be known, most popularly, as gown. Although, post the Victorian era, and more notably post the 20th century, gowns became somewhat synonymous for Western dresses and frocks, they (gowns) still have multiple contexts, including professional coats (called as gowns) and sleepwear.

In the fashion and dressing context and codes, though, long, formal and generally ornate or heavy dresses came to be known as gowns or evening gowns. They are also associated with the centuries’ old, extremely popular ball-gowns, and hence have undergone a long process of transformation. The full skirts of Victorian Gowns, the S-curves of the Edwardian period, the classy conservatism of the Great Depression, the hoopskirts of late 1800s and more – the gowns have seen it all! And, they proudly emerged as one of the most important and alluring ensembles for women in the Western world.

Gowns Today!

The formal dresses or gowns of today are extremely detailed, exquisite one-piece outfits, styled to flatter and celebrate the female form. Most gowns are floor length and have a certain regal appeal – something that makes them even more desirable.

Gowns are worn for weddings, white-tie events, formal parties and events, important functions, ball dances and other such social occasions and ceremonies – in America, Canada, Europe, Australia and almost all other Western countries. The pristine white wedding gowns are an integral, non-negotiable aspect of Catholic weddings.

Gowns unless they are associated specifically with a certain event (like bridal gowns and ball-gowns), are also loosely called as evening dresses, formal dresses, party dresses, party gowns, party-wear gowns etc.

Since gowns, traditionally and culturally, are formal and heavy ensembles, they are made in luxurious fabrics. Velvets, silks, chenilles, gossamer, crepe de chine etc. have been often used to create gowns. These days, modern fabrics like nets, viscose, other man-made fabric blends are avidly used to fashion gowns.

Indian Gowns for Reception and Party

Lately, gowns or formal gowns have also caught the fancy of Indian women. As the Indian markets continued to open to Western silhouettes, skirts and casual dresses, gowns too started making inroads into the Indian fashion scene. Well, this isn’t a mean task, though!

Indians may have accepted western wear with charming flourish, they, until a few years ago, largely remained staunchly dedicated to traditional Indian silhouettes and ensembles, when it came to their weddings.

Not any more, though! With the Design and haute couture revolution, ornate designer western gowns entered the mammoth Indian wedding market too. It all started with heavily embellished, bespoke lehengas in trendy line and also fusion long kurtas. Designers and stylists could see how popular these trends were. Indians were no longer a meek set. They were ready to flaunt and experiment, even at their weddings. Of course, the all-hail-worthy Bollywood – the famous film fraternity – played its part too, in popularizing the new trends in Indian ethnic fashion scene. Fusion was the new buzzword, and soon the Gowns became well accepted. From designer dresses to party-wear gowns to reception gowns and Indian wedding gowns – this latest trend is everywhere.

The Indian Touch

The heavy, ornate Indian Gowns have a distinct Indian touch, in terms of rich and vibrant colours, blingy fabrics and heavy embroideries and embellishments. These special touches separate them from their western counterparts, where formal gowns are generally made in muted colour palettes, blacks and whites.

The Designer Party-wear gowns also have Indian prints, weaves and details like paisley prints, dobby weaves and brocade borders. These gowns also, sometimes, come paired with long, trailing tails or separate dupattas. Many flared gowns are made in a typical Anarakali Suit style, and come paired with slim leggings.

Thus, an Indian gown offers a beautiful blend of Indian design elements with trendy western silhouettes. The designer wedding gowns are heavily embellished on the skirt area. These gowns also sometimes have sleeves and conservative necklines, to take into account the cultural Indian sensibilities. Given so many variations, every Indian girl can now find a gown to suit her needs and liking.

Buy Party Wear Gowns Online

There is a huge, endless variety of gowns available today. You need to constantly be in touch with the new trends, designs and styles, or you may end up buying a piece or colour that’s so last season.

Well, we can’t keep going to shops to check out the new ranges and gown collection. However, with the online medium, you really don’t have any such limitation. You may keep browsing your favourite website like to keep abreast with latest and trendiest styles in all sorts of Gowns and more. keeps adding new gown collections to its already burgeoning range. There is something for every diva here. You can choose to wear a gown for one of the most important occasions of your life like your wedding reception, or may choose to scintillate in an amazing sheer net gown on a friend’s wedding or look demure on a special Valentine’s Day date in a georgette gown.

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