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70 Results

Versatile, Stylish and Dignifies – Grey Kurtis

Kurtis are one of the highest selling ethnic-wear silhouettes today. A trendy adaptation of the traditional ‘kurta’, the kurti, which is also called ‘tunic’, is a blend of Indian ethnicity with global fashion trends. Grey kurtis, undoubtedly, fall into the category of dignified ethnic wear, with the formal vibes of the color grey - making this trendy yet classy outfit a smart addition to your wardrobe.

Occasions and Time to Wear a Grey Color Kurti

Grey is usually considered as a dull colour, with black at its base. Many, thus, prefer grey for after-dusk wear. Its close association with silvery, sparkly metallic greys is another reason for the same. However, grey is an umbrella hue, covering a wide variety of light to dark to sparkly and staid hues - in between the white and black spectrum, with colours like blue, purple and brown, being the popular undertones. So, it’s time to change your outlook towards this underdog of the colors. There really are tonnes of Shades of Gray (pun intended) and that’s why – you must have this beautiful and flattering hue in your closet. Grey Kurtis are also a must-have as they can be elegant, sensuous as well as playful, depending on their design and styling.

For daytime, you can pick a grey kurti having lighter shades, closer to white. In fact, a grey printed cotton kurti worn with cream or black leggings is a smart pick for your office wardrobe. For leisurely outings like a brunch date, shopping trip or a friends’ kitty party, a grey long straight cut or layered kurti paired with pink or navy blue palazzo bottoms can be picked and accessorized with Bohemian or colorful tasseled jewellery. Adding colorful accessories smartly subdues the dullness of grey shades. For a party night, get yourself a silver grey tunic with sequins or diamantes and see how the night melts into something deliciously sensuous.

Which colour bottom can be paired with gray kurti?

Practically, you can style your grey kurti with bottom wear in any colour. The neutrality of grey allows you to experiment with your garment and turn up with different looks each time. Ideally, if your grey kurti has any undertones like blue, then you can select a blue bottom for a subtle look, or opt for bright green for a contrasting combination. Taupe- which is grey having a hint of brown looks good whien paired with golden or copper.

Buying grey designer kurtis online

Looking for a contemporary grey maxi tunic with a heavy Anarkali flare and enchanting embellishments? Or a plain or printed georgette kurti for everyday wear? A light, near-white tone or the darkest evening sky colour? has traditional and modern fusion-wear kurtis with over fifty shades of grey to choose from! With printed delights ranging from paisley and flowers to quirky blocks, neat embroidery and appliqués- has a wide assortment catering to your individual style needs at the best price.