Maroon Kurti

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20 Results

Maroon Kurtis - A Classic, Much Loved Trend

Maroon is one hue that holds special place in every Indian woman's closet. Coming from the red family, this useful and versatile hue is a balanced one. It's not fiery or bright like the red or scarlet yet it has the uplifting properties of the gorgeous reds. Maroon - a mix of red with black-brown - is a hue that's integrally connected to Indian weddings and special occasions - as well as equally with every walk of life.

A Color with multiple benefits - Maroon

One - this jewel toned color is really mesmerizing. Don a deep maroon long kurti - get your accessories right - and see how every eye at a get together falls on you - but never in an ungracious way. Maroon is a very graceful color - never over the top or in your face - despite being a dark and strong hue. Secondly, this shade of red is very flattering to most skin tones, especially the Indian skin complexion type. It has the ability to bring out one's best features - elegantly. That's why you would see a lot of women wearing maroon Kurtis in cotton, linen, voile or even light silks to work and important events like meetings and festivals. Nothing like a flattering positive hue for feeling confident and self assured!

Maroon is also a color that goes well with many other colors. It also looks great in all fabrics. Try getting yourself a maroon velvet kurti this wedding season - we promise extra glamour and oomph! While a dark maroon kurti or suit is perfect for nights, evenings and parties, try lighter variants for day wear.

Maroon Kurti Designs and Combinations

You can get a huge variety of maroon and wine colored kurtis and tunics in all sorts of designs and combinations on From long, short, flared, dress or gown like to really trendy asymmetrical hemmed or paired with trousers and lehenga skirts - maroon kurti designs are simply endless.

You can pair this awesome color with many other colors. Pair a cotton maroon kurti with white churidaar for an elegant summer pick for college or office. Pair a silk maroon kurti in long silhouette with emerald green dupatta and bottom to light up any festive evening - and likewise.

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