Ghagra Choli


Ghagra Choli

Ghagra is the Indian ethnic equivalent of the western skirt. Though Ghagra – also known as Gagra – is supposed to simpler and more casual – the word is synonymously used with Lehenga – which is the dressier counterpart of this form of ethnic clothing. Ghagra or the flared ethnic skirt is worn with a blouse or bodice, which is called as Choli – and hence the usage Ghagra Choli. The dress also usually includes a wrap worn over the shoulders and bust – called as the Chunri, Odhani or Dupatta. That is why the complete ensemble is called as the Ghagra Choli Chunri.

Ghagra is an older term than lehenga, and was worn in many Indian states – including Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh by women on a regular basis. The styles varied from the ankle length heavily flared plain or with border skirts to umbrella or bias cut dressier, frilly skirts that came till mid-calf. The length and styles of choli also see a plenty of variations. From the long kurtas worn in Punjab to mid length kameez typically worn in Haryana (still quite popular among rural areas) to teeny, small cholis and backless wonders worn in Gujarat and Rajasthan belts. With time this totally desi, rural dress of Ghagra Choli has gone modern and contemporary too. From causal style Gagras that double up as bohemian skirts to really stylish fusion wear Ghagras in printed and patterned designs – there are many trendy ways Gagra cholis are styled. At, you will find the latest and trendiest versions of this pretty lehenga variation – in all price ranges, colors and chic avatars. Buying Ghagra Choli online was never simpler! घाघरा पश्चिमी स्कर्ट का भारतीय जातीय समतुल्य है। हालांकि घागरा को सरल और हर रोज पहनने वाला पोशाक माना जाता है - शब्द का प्रयोग समस्त रूप से लेहंगा के साथ भी किया जाता है - जो इस रूप का ड्रेसियर समकक्ष है। घागरा या घेरदार जातीय स्कर्ट एक ब्लाउज या चोली के साथ पहना जाता है, जिसे चोली कहा जाता है - और इसलिए इस का नाम घागरा चोली है। पोशाक में आम तौर पर कंधे और बस्ट पर पहना जाने वाला एक आवरण होता है - जिसे चुनारी, ओढनी या दुपट्टा बुलाया जाता है। यही कारण है कि पूरा पहनावा को घागरा चोली चुनारी कहा जाता है। घाघरा चोली स्टाइल करने के कई तरीके हैं। में, आप इस सुंदर लेहेंगा विविधता के नवीनतम और रुझान वाले संस्करण पाएंगे - सभी मूल्य सीमाओं और रंगों में। घाघरा चोली ऑनलाइन खरीदना अब आसान है!

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