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Chaniya choli for Garba

Navratri is one of the most popular Indian festivals. It is celebrated for nine days – twice in the year. The Chaitri or summer Navratri is more about rituals and worshipping, and is celebrated during the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar, typically in the month of April. Sharadiya or autumn-winter Navratri is more about fun, festivities and splendor. It is celebrated in the Sharad month of Hindu calendar – that coincides with October. This lovely time, dedicated to the feminine divine power – Goddess Shakti – also officially marks the beginning of the Indian festive season. People dress up in new clothes. Women buy new sarees and lehenga cholis, and dress up to the hilt to welcome the Goddess.

The famous folk dances of Garba, Dandiya and Raas are deeply associated with Navratri. People in huge numbers join mass celebrations – dancing to the traditional tunes of Garba and Raas, during all the 9 nights of Sharadiya Navratri. People dress up in traditional Indian wear and colorful mirror-work dresses, adding more charm and fervor. Although this vibrant festive practice has now become popular all over the country and even in the foreign lands, thanks to the non-resident Indian community, it is most closely associated with the Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Dandiya nights and Garba groups may still be one off celebrations in other parts of India, but in these 3 states, especially Gujarat, these are the life-blood. Sometimes, entire years and activity sets are planned around Navratri. People – Indians as well as foreigners - from across the world choose to visit these places, especially the cities of Vadodra, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Jaipur – to experience these awesome, colorful events.

You too can be a part of this wonderful celebration of life and divinity. Just adorn yourself in the multi-hued, traditional attire and jewelry that’s symbolic of this ebullient festival.

What to wear?

For women, Navratri Lehenga Choli, also colloquially known as Chaniya Choli, is the most popular attire for these dancing/ prancing nights. The traditional costume for men for Navratri is dhoti and Kediyu (a top garment that ends at waist, but is slightly flared). Most men, however, wear short, mid-length or long kurtas with churidaar or jeans, during Navratris.

The Navratri costumes traditionally were heavily embellished with colorful beads, stones, shells and mirrors. However, the more contemporary approach focuses on keeping things simpler and lighter.

Traditional Lehenga Choli for Navratri

Much like Bengalis, who prefer wearing new stuff during Durga Pooja (another variation of Sharadiya Navratri), people from many other communities also wear new clothes to celebrate this auspicious time.

Thus, Navratri Lehenga Choli is one of the most important part of any Gujarati woman’s wardrobe. Every year, she will buy at least one new set of lehenga choli/ chaniya choli. Since this is the typical dress worn during grand mass Garba events, Navratri lehenga choli enjoys plenty of adoration by women of all ages. Women and girls like to wear a different lehenga ensemble on every Navratri night, so many of them even plan and prepare 9 different sets (some of which are revived/ finished repeats from previous years) for each of the Navratri nights.

However, each year new trends and fashions hit the market. New styles in Navratri lehenga choli ensure that women look fashionable as well as trendy in these outfits, all the while remaining comfortable in them.

Why comfort matters?

Navratri lehenga choli is supposed to be different from other lehenga cholis, because here the focus is not just on the looks and grandeur. These lehenga cholis are supposed to be worn by women for long, sweaty evenings of endless dancing. So, these Navratri ensembles must not be heavy or cumbersome. They also need not be very high on embellishments and decorations.

The fabric must also be absorbent and light-weight, as anyone who dances for hours at end is bound to sweat. This is precisely the reason, a lot of Navratri Cholis are backless wonders. However, in that aspect too, there has to be an emphasis on elegance, comfort and practicality. Something that is not durable or good quality may simply come off, and that’s one embarrassing situation that you would not want to be in.

Lehenga skirts that are too long or the ones that have an extreme flair are also not suited for dancing in Garba circles, where other people are likely to step on the trails. Heavy, long-winding, brocade/ silk dupattas are also out of question, thus.

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