Taking perfect Measurements

Please refer to the illustration of ‘How to Take Measurements’ for relevant body parts below -
• Wear snug leggings, while taking lehenga measurements.
• Use an inches’ measuring tape and a notebook to record.
• Ask a friend/ aide to help you measure and record.
• Add additional measurements like hips/ lower abdomen, if you feel they may vary for you from standard sizing, and share with our team.
• Please send us fresh measurements each time you order with us.
Measurements sent are passed on to tailoring teams. Any changes can’t be incorporated later. Please send your measurements, as soon as possible – not exceeding 24 to 30 hours of confirming an order.

How to avail the customized stitching facility for Lehengas?

• Lehenga stitching is OPTIONAL. If you wish to avail, DO so while ‘buying’. Charges for the same will be added to the net cost.
• Check the box with ‘Lehenga Stitching’ tab on product page.
• Choose body measurements from available choices for each head.
• In case, your sizes vary slightly, choose the nearest choices – to round off the buying process.
• Send your accurate body measurements to our representatives, at the earliest.
• If you feel that additional measurements (not listed in menu) must be considered in your case, please share them too.
• Contact us via phone and chat (during working hours) or email at cs@saree.com.
• Wish to request special customization? Please enquire. Though, it’s not always possible, we can give it a try. NOTE - The actual apparel may lose some embellishments or illustrated shape, in such cases.
• Unsure of the availability of your unique sizing? Enquire/ confirm before ‘buying’.


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