At, operations never sleep! The amazing people who work for us contribute immensely to carry on every single aspect of business with seamless dexterity.

We sincerely believe in the power of our people. We cannot keep winning, unless our team shares our vision and values, and unless we understand their aspirations.’s work culture encourages everyone to share his/ her ideas and mingle freely in a set-up that can be best described as fluid and fun.

The Brand Story is an online venture by the established retail brand Asopalav Silk India Private Limited.

Asopalav is a colloquial name for the evergreen, resplendent Ashoka tree –that is hailed as a panacea. It is believed that the revitalizing tree has something for everyone. The brand Asopalav, since its inception, also aimed to stand for these beautiful qualities. With its innovative and fashion forward approach, it has always tried to infuse certain freshness in all its endeavors.

Asopalav stands strong on its 4 pillars – its 4 veteran founding members, HiraBhai, VaghjiBhai, DhiruBhai and ChampakBhai, whose drive, innovation and enterprising spirit led to the birth of this business, over 40 years ago.

From a modest suiting, shirting and sarees shop in Gujarat’s small town Patan in late 60’s to an inimitable brand synonymous with the best in Indian ethnic and wedding wear – right in the heartland of Gujarat – Asopalav was built and nurtured brick by brick. In the year 1975, the business was moved to Gujarat’s entrepreneurial capital Ahmedabad. The first Asopalav store was started in the bustling city’s business hub of Ratanpole. Today, the popular apparels label, now adeptly run from the fore-front by the second generation of the Aspalav family, has multiple stores in Ahmedabad and Surat.

Asopalav has a huge customer base, specifically in the foreign and NRI markets. The constant demand from these circles prompted the younger members of the business to venture into the online arena, and thus was born - AsoPalav’s online entity that brings with it the same values of great quality and authenticity.

Initiated by two young founders, had a definitive starter’s advantage, in form of the rich customer insights, vendor base and a keen understanding of the textiles and apparels market. But, the biggest challenge at the outset, obviously, was to convince the senior members of the hugely successful retail business to go online – targeting a wider arena, employing a different approach.

Most regulars swear by the ‘at home’ experience they get, while buying at Asopalav too hoped to re-create that same, homey feel. To ensure people feel ‘at home’, works consistently to tailor all the customer interactions.A dedicated customization unit ensures that all outfits are tailored and finished, as per the clients’ specifications. Stylists and representatives go to lengths to honour special requirements with individual consultation and discussions. In future, aspires to reach everyone – yes, everyone – who is even mildly interested in Indian ethnic fashion and sarees.


Of Delighted

I am posted in an Indian small town, the campus is a good 5 kms away from markets - buying latest stuff is dependent on my visits to my native city - which is not often. So I depend on for sarees, anarkalis etc. I also bought a simple lehenga recently when I had to attend a colleague's wedding & may I take the liberty to praise myself ;-) - I looked smashing. In fact, a senior professor genuinely got concerned - telling me that looking this attractive may pose danger to my safety in this hinterland!! Thank you for bringing happiness to my cottage door.

-Raima Shrinath | Mahendragarh, Haryana

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