Light Weight Sarees

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Light weight saris- outfits that combine comfort and fashion

Looking for an easy to carry sari ensemble? has you sorted with its vast range of lightweight sarees- a collection designed for casual, formal as well as festive occasions. Our range smartly combines fashion with comfort that will keep you looking fabulous always while making it easy to move around.

Choosing the right attire makes you feel better and therefore- look better. So be a smart shopper and purchase saris which you can carry throughout the day or any occasion, without feeling exhausted!

Buy lightweight silk sarees

In India, silk saris are the most popular outfits for formal celebrations like weddings and cultural events. Indian festive wear is generally designed to be heavy- Banarasi silk sarees, Kanchipuram sarees and many more types of silk sarees have indulgent weaves of zari. Further detailing of embroidery and lace border can make them weigh a lot.

At, you can buy lighter versions of these outfits. We are, at all times well stocked with Banarasi and Kanchipuram style art silk sarees as well as other art silk sari assortments, designed for Indian festivities.

Light weight pure silk sarees

Pure silk sarees, which have less dense weaves, are also naturally light in weight. has a lovely range of printed crepe silk sarees, silk georgette saris and other lightweight pure silk ones with minimal details. You can also shop for affluent lightweight handloom silk sarees for party wear displayed on our exclusive designer catalogue.

A lot of Pattu saree variants- which are typically woven in Southern India are also low in weight- making them apt for the tropical climate prevalent in the region.

Summer-friendly cotton sarees for all occasions

Whenever you think about the summer heat- the first fabric that would come to your mind would be cotton! Cotton sarees are not just light in weight; they look formal and are also fashion friendly. Global warming and growing inclination of people towards eco-friendly clothing have made cotton sarees a trending style statement. At, you will find ample options of plain, printed, and embroidered cotton sarees- trendy and versatile attire that can be styled for many different occasions.

Linen sarees to carry a classic and formal look and have a crispy surface finish. Lightweight linen sarees are suitable for office wear as well as for semi-formal social meets.