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Shaded Sarees & The Indian Two-Tone Silk Saree

The more- the merrier- applies to color palettes in the evergreen Indian saree! Shaded sarees break away from the monotony of single tones, adding charm to the elegant six-yard ensemble.

The current scenario is in the Indian fashion industry is witnessing an upward trend of gradient or ombre sarees in materials like satin georgette and silk chiffon. While ombre and gradient-dyed sarees are relatively a new trend, dual shade sarees in silk or the popular two-shade silk saree are a tradition in several regions of India.

How are double shade or multi-shade sarees made?

There are several ways to achieve the shaded effect in a saree. Digital printing is of the most widely used method for commercially available ombre sarees. The tie-and-dye traditional printing technique can also give uneven color tones.

The double shaded effect in silk sarees results from using different color yarns for the weft and warp weaves. Pink and purple two-tone sarees, beige and pink pastel shade silk sarees, and orange and brown shaded silk sarees are some of the most commonly spotted variants.

The silk obtained from such weaving techniques is also known as Shot Silk, and the two-tone effect is synonymous with the term ‘dhoop chaaon’ effect. Taffeta silk sarees often have this iridescence.

Many regional silk sarees like Dharamvaram silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, and Banarasi silk saree often have golden undertones using zari or metallic thread yarns with the base silk color while weaving.

Buy Double -Shaded, Multi-Shaded, and Ombre Sarees Online

The presence of multiple tones over an otherwise plain saree lends a contemporary feel to the ensemble. Such sarees offer versatility and equally suit the old and the young. Our beautifully curated collection of shaded sarees can cover your occasion needs with the choicest assortments of palettes, fabrics, and details of prints and embroideries.

Video shopping allows you to take a closer look at the actual shade of our double-tone or Dhoop-Chaon luxury silk sarees and discuss blouse customizations with our stylist.

List of Shaded Saree with Price

Pink Satin Silk Woven Saree 3,445 INR
Brown and Maroon Shaded Satin Silk Woven Saree with Zari Gold Pallu 3,445 INR
Blue Shaded Georgette Silk Foil Printed Saree with Floral Motif 5,655 INR
Pink Satin Silk Woven Saree 3,445 INR
Maroon Satin Silk Woven Saree with Golden Touch 3,445 INR
Red Satin Silk Woven Saree with Golden Pallu 3,445 INR
Peach and Pink Shaded Banarasi Art Silk Saree with Multi Colored Woven Border and Pallu 4,550 INR
Orange and Pink Shaded Banarasi Art Silk Floral Woven Saree 4,550 INR
Blue and Pink Shaded Georgette Plain Saree with Sequins Worked Border 3,640 INR
Green Shaded Art Silk Embroidered Saree with Woven Border 4,550 INR