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Indian Traditional Dresses For Women

The culture of India is diverse and with that varies the form of clothing worn across different regions. Every state has a typical traditional dress for women yet most of the attire variants have some common characteristics with which they can be broadly categorized as sarees, lehenga cholis and salwar suits., which is the online site of Asopalav-one of the oldest Indian wear stores of Gujarat, offers the best of traditional attire for women. Here you can find the latest ethnic outfits for occasions ranging from every day wear to extravagant festivities.


The Indian sari is basically a long piece of fabric draped around the waist and over the shoulder. The length of the fabric can range from six to nine yards and it is worn with a skirt/petticoat and a top or blouse. Banarasi silk sarees from the northern region, Kanchipuram saris from the south, Paithani saris from west India and Baluchari saris from the eastern region are luxurious traditional sarees worn during weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Apart from silk saris, hand-woven cotton saris, block printed sarees, Bandhani sarees- there are plenty of assortments of this elaborate and graceful ensemble to make one fall in love with the rich diversity and aesthetic appeal of Indian traditional wear.

Salwar Suits

This three-piece outfit consists of a bottom (salwar), top (kameez) and a stole (dupatta). Salwar suits belong to the North West region of India, mainly the states of Punjab and Kashmir. Originally these traditional suits were detailed with a straight-cut top with loose and pleated bottoms- such ensembles are today known as Punjabi suits and Patiala suits. Under the influence of the Mughal culture, the traditional salwar kameez sets were modified into Anarkali suits. With time, tight-fitted bottoms became popular and churidar suits flooded the market. Although relatively new, churidar suits are considered as traditional wear and timeless classics.

Lehenga Choli

A favourite of the elite, lehenga choli is an elaborate outfit that inherently carries an aura of grandness and majesty. Also known as Ghaghra choli and chaniya choli, it is a three-piece ensemble comprising of a skirt, short blouse and dupatta. Heavily embroidered lehenga cholis made with lush fabrics like silk and velvet were worn by brides and guests during weddings. Printed cotton lehenga cholis are worn by rural Indian women as an everyday outfit- while working in their houses as well as out in the fields. Lehenga cholis are also worn by most of the NRI brides for their wedding ceremony. offers a video shopping facility assisted by personal shoppers for buying heavy designer bridal lehengas from anywhere on the globe.

Other types of traditional dress designs

The above three forms of outfits majorly sum up the different types of traditional clothes for women. Yet there are other variations that are confined to particular communities. Mekhela Chador, which is a two-piece drape worn with a skirt and blouse is the ethnic outfit of Assamese women. Likewise, Mundum Neriyathum is an ancient form of two-piece saree worn by women in Kerala.