What are Saree.com Super Points?

Saree.com Super Points are our special way of saying "Thank You" to precious patrons for using our services! Super Points, part of our Rewards program, are a virtual currency, which means you can actually mint their value, while buying at Saree.com. Pay a part of your order using Super Points OR simply buy more products, worth the value of your Super Points!

Register with Us

Sign up at Saree.com
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Get 50 Super Points on
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Your Opinion Matters

Each time you write 1 product review for us, you earn 25 Super Points.
You can write upto 3 reviews every day!

Spread the Word

Let your friends know about us, and earn 25 Super Points for each Referral.
You can give upto 5 unique references from your account, each day!

Loyalty Counts!

You are special to us! In turn, we wish to be an integral part of your life. Super Points is our way of telling you how vital you are to our operations. We would like to bring you greater discounts, enhanced offers and more fun elements with our Rewards Program – in future. We recommend that each time you visit us or shop at Saree.com, be sure to check out any ongoing Super Points’ related promotions. We assure you of quality products and excellent customer services at all times.

*Rules and Regulations

In order to participate in the Super Points program, you must either have an existing account with us, or you may create an account by going to our sign up page

On signing up successfully with Saree.com, you will receive 150 Super Points in your account, as a welcome gesture.

You will receive 50 Super Points in your account, on agreeing to get Saree.com newsletter subscription. These points will not be valid, if you unsubscribe from our newsletter.

You will receive 25 Super Points for writing each (1) product review on Saree.com. Points will be credited, once your review has been approved by the site-administrator. You can write only a maximum of Three (3) product reviews, from each user account, every day.

You will receive 25 Super Points for every friend you refer, who makes his/her first purchase with us. Friends being referred must be new customers, with no previous purchase history at Saree.com. We will send a welcome email to your friends informing them that they have been referred by you, through your participation in ‘refer a friend’ program. Each friend you refer will then need to create an account with Saree.com, in order to receive 150 Super Points. Their invite reward will be under their "My Reward's" in their new account page. Each email address may be referred only once

You will also receive emails, newsletters, special offers, updates and other promotional information to maximize your experience with our website. If you decide to discontinue receiving any communication from our site, you may opt-out by clicking the unsubscribe link, or by following the instructions included in the communication.

Saree.com reserves the right to void any Super Points at any time.

*For pay later T&C apply

1. Payments need to be made within 48 hours from booking the product. Failure to do so will lead to cancellation of the booking.

2. This facility is not available for customers in India.