Churidar Suits

Churidar Suits

Form fitting ethic suit bottoms/ trousers with narrow ankles/ worn predominantly in the Indian subcontinent (and also among Muslim communities) are known as Churidaar/ Chudidar. These are a popular and common variant of more commonly known Salwars, also worn in the same regions and communities. Anarakali Suits, trendy floor-length cape-style silhouettes and straight-cut long kameez are worn with churidars. These bottoms taper at the calf and ankle, and look extremely elegant. That is precisely the reason chudiar suits are preferred by many Indian women for their regular office-wear and corporate wear. Many Indian set-ups consider these ethnic suits as a standard part of the formal wear protocol.

Churidaars pyjamas, as they are also known, look great, when paired with flared or loose tunics and kurtas, as they are fitted, and offer a good visual balance. Churidars are also great for women, who want to portray an illusion of slimmer and taller shape. Despite a whole range of trendy bottoms like palazzos and lehengas now flooding the markets, regular-wear and designer churidaar suits are still quite popular. At, you will find an enviably chic and comfortable range of churidar suits - fit for all occasions.

The name of this interesting and elegant bottom-wear comes from the Hindi word Churi/ Chudi, which means bangles (a form of ethnic jewelry worn on wrists – much like bracelets). When these long, fitting trousers are worn, many circular rings (owing to the extra fabric at the end) are formed at the ankle area, thus giving the impression of many bangles (chudis). Hence the name!

Slimming and graceful, churidaars are made to reveal the contours of the leg, and are supposed to be well fitting at the thigh, calf as well as ankle area. Sometimes, thus, the ankle area has tightly fitting buttoned cuffs. Chudiaars are made by cutting the fabric in bias, so that the garment has some stretch. For this reason, stretch lycra leggings have become a common replacement of chudidaars, as they offer better stretch and resilience and are more comfortable.

Many women prefer wearing Churidaar Suits because these make them look slimmer as well as taller. As it is structured, this bottom silhouette is also considered more formal, in comparison to flared roomy salwars.

Women of all ages can wear Chudidar suits with élan. Ones who have toned legs can also sport short kurtis with churidars, while ones who are unsure of their figure can optimize this look by pairing long kameez or kurta with fitted chudidars.

Chudidar silhouette is quite trendy and modern. Chudis or the fabric creases can be increased or decreased, depending upon the preferences and fashions. Many variations to these suits and bottoms are made. The most popular ones, currently in vogue, are the cigarette pants or straight, slim trousers variations. These look extremely pretty, and give an illusion of height to the wearer.

Are you still waiting? Buy yourself amazing Chudidar suits and stand out amongst crowd. house Churidaar suits for all your needs. Pick from designs perfect for professional day wear/ office wear and also from designer churidaar suits, like Anarkalis, Abaya-style long jacket suits and stunning cape-style Indo Western suits.

At, these suits are available in a range of colors, fabrics and patterns. We offer free of customized stitching for all churidaar suits. So, don’t forget to share your accurate measurements with our customer care representatives, while you make a purchase with us.

We offer worldwide shipping at nominal charges. You can now order your favorite churidar suits from all countries, including USA, UK, China, Japan, Australia, Spain, canada, New Zealand and more.

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I am posted in an Indian small town, the campus is a good 5 kms away from markets - buying latest stuff is dependent on my visits to my native city - which is not often. So I depend on for sarees, anarkalis etc. I also bought a simple lehenga recently when I had to attend a colleague's wedding & may I take the liberty to praise myself ;-) - I looked smashing. In fact, a senior professor genuinely got concerned - telling me that looking this attractive may pose danger to my safety in this hinterland!! Thank you for bringing happiness to my cottage door.

-Raima Shrinath | Mahendragarh, Haryana

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