Casual Salwar Suits

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  1. Green Cotton Printed Suit SKDAN8159
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  2. Pink Cotton Printed Suit SKDAA17618
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  3. Beige Cotton Printed Suit SKDAA17621
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  4. Pink Cotton Printed Suit SKDAA17623
    Special Price $37.75 Regular Price $51.00
  5. Grey Crepe Printed Suit SKDAE2575
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  6. Taupe Satin Printed Suit SKDAN7974
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Cheap Casual Salwar Suits

Practical and comfortable salwar kameez are one of the most utilitarian pieces of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe. From weddings to parties to everyday chores, there are tonnes of styles and designs in this Indian ethnic dress, which can fulfill any of your outfit requirements. Designers and brands have started experimenting with the Indian silhouette and regular kurta cuts to come up with endless variations – and this has led to a huge surge of choices for the end customer. Fusing western trends and long-gown like silhouettes with Indian shalwar dress designs is the latest rage, and it has led to many women, who earlier shunned traditional styles, embracing this trendy casual avatar of salwar kameez set. Sensible and smart, casual wear Indian Punjabi dresses are suited to the Indian weather, lifestyles and preferences. And, that’s not all! This versatile fashion statement also goes well with the lifestyle of women across the globe. These dresses can be worn for myriad occasions, from work to professional interactions, fun outings, coffee dates, shopping trips, casual visits, travel and what not. Casual Salwar Suits are a must in your wardrobe, and you can get your fix of versatile, easy to maintain and carry dresses with’s trendiest and latest range. You can start your day in them, complete all your schedules and chores, and even wind up over coffee with a friend or beloved – when dressed in these breezy ensembles. Low on maintenance and high on style, they are available in a range of bottom styles, top/ tunic lengths and trendy cuts. Choose from regular-wear salwar kameez or go for modish churidaar or palazzo outfits. Pick an asymmetric hemline tunic, or go for the latest rage – the layered design that looks more like a western dress.