Jacquard Salwar Suits


Jacquard Salwar Suits

Jacquard is basically an intricately woven fabric made on a special loom, known as the Jacquard loom. A French weaver by the name Joseph Marie Jacquard invented this process of weaving by inserting punch cards into the loom to weave patterns. The characteristic feature here is that the patterns that look like embroidery are in fact interwoven threads of fabric. Initially, this was a very time-consuming and labor intensive process. But with computerization of machines, the process of creating patterns, which was initially carried out by fitting small punch cards into the loom was automated. It considerably increased the supply of Jacquard material, which was then widely used in apparels and upholstery. This technique is added to different fabrics to create blended fabrics like Banarasi Jacquard, Georgette Jacquard etc.

Jacquard and Brocade

Jacquard and some brocades may look quite similar. However, brocade is a type of Jacquard – or a highly ornate fabric made on a Jacquard loom. So, it can easily said that all modern day Brocades are Jacquards – but all Jacquards are not Brocades – as other types of fabrics are also woven on the Jacquard and Dobby Looms.

Brocades typically have embossed effects, and look like they have been embroidered – when they are just woven patterns. Brocades are done using yarns in metallic hues or even copper/ real silver/ zari yarns.

The commonly known Jacquard fabric today is relatively plainer, and has self-designs or patterns. Marcella (quilted effect fabric), Brocatelle, Damask (the most commonly used Jacquard) and tapestry are some of the other fabrics that are woven on modern day Jacquard looms. These may be made in silk, synthetic or rayon fabrics – or some new-age blends.

Jacquard and Damask

Damask is the most important jacquard type used today. This fabric is woven in such a way that it is reversible, thus having ornate patterns on both the sides that distinguishes damask from other jacquards and brocade.

Jacquard Salwar Suits

Salwar suits made with jacquard fabric are relatively sturdier and attractive, due to the thickness or snug weave of the fabric. The fabric drapes well, especially when woven using a light weight yarn, and has interesting self-designs. Jacquard Salwar suits may either be plain with little ostentation or borders in contrasting hues – they may also be heavier and more ornate.

These outfits are more popular among mature women. Most Jacquard ensembles have a natural sheen, which makes them good as party-wear and wedding-wear attires. They are also ideal for winter, due to their thickness. To make a jacquard salwar suit suitable for summers and casual-wear, the jacquard could be limited to a panel on the suit or just the border. Suits made with jacquard motifs also look beautiful and classy. Due to its luxurious appeal, this fabric has been trending for decades in the Indian and ethnic garment industry.

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