Mirror Work Salwar Suits


Mirror Work Salwar Suits

“Mirror mirror on the wall – who is the prettiest of them all!”

Well, this fascination of women with mirrors and their own reflection is as old as the time itself – this one is a famous line from a popular fairy-tale story! Mirrors hold a special place in our lives – however superficial it may be, but for the ones who are blessed with the power of sight – looking in the mirror before they leave home for work or chores, or even when they get up every morning – is like a ritual.

But, when we talk of mirror-work, also called as Sheesha Embroidery, it is not that mirror on the wall that we are alluding to. It is the embroidery accessory that has been attached to our apparel or a fabric using thread and needle. Nonetheless, mirrors, wherever they are – relentlessly do their work of making us feel beautiful. And, these shining, shimmering mirrors or shisha on our dresses, salwar suits, sarees – wherever they have been attached as decoration and ostentation do that beautifully.

Well, that’s quite a lot of philosophy, so let’s get back to the business of fashion and talk a little more about mirror-work or shisha work. The embroidery or handiwork where little mirrors (or even reflecting silver sequins) – generally circular or rhombus in shape (though other geometrical shapes are also available) – are attached to the fabric to create a certain design or pattern – is called as Mirror-work. These little glimmering sheesha pieces are small bits of mirrors – and much like other embellishments are available in a variety of pre-cut variations – and shapes and sizes.

The pretty Indian ensembles of Shalwar Kameez that is decorated with such embroidery are called as Mirror-Work Salwar Suits. This work is also called as Abhala Bharat work or Sheesha work. These suits are available in a vast variety at Saree.com, and you can choose them to dress up smartly, stylishly or even traditionally for all sorts of occasions – depending upon the extent and amount of embroidery on an outfit. Sheesha work is also done on blouses, cholis, sarees, Indo-western attire and lehengas. You will also find this embellishment with colorful threads on accessories like purses, caps, earrings and home linen like bed-sheets, cushion covers and wall hangings.

Salwar Suits and ensmebles with heavy mirror work – with many scintillating mirrors all over the kameez or even dupatta – can be worn for pre-wedding functions, even weddings where you are not closely related or for festivals and special events. Ones with lesser mirrors or where a few mirrors have been attached in a scattered fashion make for great wear for light day functions or even when you wish to feel extra special. Anarkalis with gorgeous mirror work on the neckline and bodice and a heavy border along the hem-line of the skirt area – are great for stage shows or dance shows, when you wish to scintillate your audiences with your sizzling performance as well as stunning outfit.

Many young girls and women prefer the colorful, culturally rich mirror work dresses and Indian ethnic suits as they have a chic and stylish appeal – and are often used to curate a sensuous Indo-Western look. That is why you will see many of the Indie-chic lovers wearing heavy Gujarati mirror-work Kurtis with jeans or camisoles with sheesha embroidered palazzos, harems or Patiala Shalwars.

At Saree.com, you will get beautiful mirror-work kurtas, Anarkalis and floor-length ensembles that will make a perfect fit for festivals like Eid and Diwali and also for special cultural occasions, when you want all the eyes on you. Generally, small mirrors (the real ones) are attached by hand – and take a plenty of time and meticulous effort. Many traditional embroideries of India like Kutchi work, Gujarati work, Rabari embroidery, Rajasthani embellishments and even some from Jat and Haryanvi communities use little or even big glittering pieces of mirror to decorate their ensembles. Not just that, even the contemporary designers and manufacturers are not immune to this pretty form of embellishment.

To make this work faster, many contemporary techniques use shining mirror-shaped sequins, generally circular in shape, instead if mirrors. This makes the garment lighter and more manageable – so a greater number of sequins can be attached. And, such embroidery can be done with machine. That is why you will see many shalwar kameez and Indian dresses made using sequins – attached in sheesha work style.

You can choose all this and more from Saree.com. Shopping for traditional, contemporary or designer Mirro-work suits online is now easy. You can get your favorite suits delivered to your doorstep, anywhere across the globe – at reasonable prices and from an endless variety. Ask for customization options, or choose from a range of sizes available. All ethnic suits are delivered ready-to-wear.

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