Pashmina Salwar Suits

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Pashmina Salwar Suits

One of the finest and exclusive varieties of wool, Pashmina is a beautiful fabric woven in the northern region of India, mainly in Kashmir. This extremely soft and lustrous fabric is made with ‘cashmere’ fine wool obtained from the Himalayan range. These days, apart from being used for designer shawls and scarves, the fabric is also extensively used in making trendy ethnic wear like tunics and salwar suits which are exported globally through upscale designer stores and reputed websites like

Inspired by nature:

The fabric is blended with cotton or silk for making it shiny, stronger and suitable for summers. Pashmina suits are usually printed or woven with nature inspired designs like flowers and twines and traditional patterns like paisley. Often, the handwoven suits are adorned with thread work or Aari work which involves use of cotton or silk threads to fill motifs, necklines and borders with a series of chain stitches. Pashmina cotton suits are relatively lower priced as compared to its silk blend variants. Such cotton blend suits are apt for your everyday wardrobe as well as office-wear and casual social meetings. Pashmina silk suits have a higher lush appeal thus making the garments ideal for upscale parties.

Globally trending:

Pashmina fabrics have been witnessing a growing demand worldwide. With an increasing world population which is inclined towards the Indian cultural lifestyle, Pashmina salwar suits and tunics are being worn by not just Indians but also foreigners as a stylish and comfortable form of clothing.

The rarity factor and price:

Cashmere wool can be procured in very limited quantities because it is made from a rare species of goat which is only found in certain regions of the Himalayas. These goats shed their fur only once a year. Given the high demand and limited supply of this fabric, garments that have a higher proportion of Pashmina wool are sold at exorbitant prices. However, blending this fine wool with cotton and silk can lower the price of the garment considerably.

Economically priced Pashmina salwar suits have lesser proportion of fine wool. Yet with trendy hues and appealing details, they can be a stylish addition to your ethnic wardrobe!