Patiala Salwar Suits


Patiala Salwar Suits

The flared Patiala Salwars are every ethnic-wear loving girl’s best friend. The loose silhouette of these versatile bottoms is very useful for comfort and work wear, perfect for running around as well as for hot summers of the Indian, Middle Eastern, and Pakistani tropics. Great as ethnic-wear on their own, Patialas also look quite youthful and trendy, when paired infusion styling with T-shirts or short kurtas.

Patiala Salwars or Shalwars get their name from the boisterous city of Patiala in the North Indian state of Punjab. Before partition between India and Pakistan, when Patiala was a princely state, this attire was a famed one, worn by the royal family of the region. Pakistani shalwar and the famous Pathani Salwars/ Suits also are quite similar to the modern-day Patiala Salwar Suits. While the Pathanis are worn by the men, Patiala are now primarily worn by women, even though this was an erstwhile favorite of the kind of Patiala.

Patiala Suits are quite trendy and fashionable, despite their deeply cultural roots. Many confuse them with Punjabi Suits, but Patialas hold their ground and unique appeal. The patte wali shalwar – as Patiala bottom is also known – has many pleats – which are responsible for creating the fanning flare that is characteristic to these Pakistani and Punjabi pants. When these bottoms originated, they had a primarily utilitarian goal – they are cool, comfortable and allow for easy, fluid movement. Perfect for the maddening heat of the Great Plains and the active lifestyle of people in olden times, these bottoms had a great use. Thus, they were also worn by the men-folk.

However, today the Patialas are used a charming alternative to many bottom styles we have in the Salwar Kameez segment. Many still wear them as their regular wear outfit, because, let’s accept the fact that their heavy flare is very comfortable. But, usually, girls and women like Patiala salwars for their unique, fashionable appeal, which has been made even more popular by Bollywood films and celebrities who love their bohemian styling. Quite different from regular shalwars or even the fusion pants bottoms, these full bottoms are also useful for pear-shaped bodies and also when women wish to wear something loose fitting, in conditions like pregnancy. Thin and lanky women also like this loose style as it adds volume and girth. For the same reason, they are now available in many variants, primarily in the full Patiala and half Patiala styles.

The full ones have a lot of pleats, which makes them somewhat cumbersome, and a little too loose. This is the actual royal version of the Patiala pants, which use much more fabric than any other ethnic bottom-wear – even more than most lehengas. These are typically worn in Punjab and parts of Pakistan or are used by designers in their special ensembles. Mostly what you will get in the markets, and even when you shop online – are the trendier Half Patiala, which are way more useful and practical. They can be worn for work-wear as well as college wear. At, you can get all sorts of Patiala Suits. Our customization and tailoring department ensures that the Patiala that reach you are stitched beautifully and thus have a lovely fall – a very important aspect when it comes to the design of these shalwars.

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