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New and Latest Style of Punjabi and Patiala Dresses/Suits Online

The West Indian state of Punjab – the iconic land of five rivers – is home to the traditional Indian outfit of Salwar Kameez, also referred to as Salwar Kameez. The Punjabi women have brought this comfortable as well as elegant dress to the mainstream, and celebrates and commends this lovely Indian fashion trend.

It was in Punjab, the erstwhile large state, part of which is now in Pakistan, as well as the current ebullient state – that Salwar Suits and its many regional variants remained the staple dress of womenfolk of all ages, classes, and tastes. No wonder, many people across India and world still refer to the Salwar Kameez Duppatta or the Indian ethnic suits ensembles as Punjabi Suits.

Well, originally Salwar Kameez is a South East Asian outfit with strong Muslim connects, and it would, thus, be wrong to say that all ethnic suits are Punjabi suits. However, a major chunk of these ensembles have strong Punjab connections, like the very obvious Patiala Salwar Suits, where the name of the extra-flared shalwar bottom comes from the city of Patiala, located in the North Indian state.

In fact, if you refer to the history of Punjab, you will find that even the menfolk wore something similar to a Punjabi Kameez and loose bottom combo, in the ancient Punjab region. This presents an intriguing picture of the inter-mixing of cultures, religions and traditions. A large number of Muslims inhabited the Punjab area, and Salwar Kameez history can be traced to places like Afghanistan, Pashtun, Balochistan and to the Mughal and Persian influences. The now-famous trendy Anarakali Suits, actually, have a very strong Mughal and Nawabi influence.

Well, coming back to Punjab, there are a variety of styles that can be classified as Punjabi Suits. These suits are differentiated from the ethic suits in other regions by their cuts, bottoms, and styles. Generally, the kameez or the top kurta in Punjabi Suits is long and falls till knees. It is straight or A-line cut, and is paired with Salwars – the dhoti-inspired roomy bottoms that taper at the hem. Many Salwar Suit styles, specifically from Sindh and Potohari regions of Pakistan have roomier bottoms or shalwaars and heavier headscarves (dupatta), which are called as chador.

Punjabi Kameez or Kurta is also paired with narrower bottoms called as churidars. Churi means bangles. These fitted bottoms have extra bottom at the hem, which creates many circular bangle-like fabric folds when these are worn, and hence the name. Sindhi pajamas aka the modern day culottes and plazo pants and royal Jodhpuris are other bottom styles, which are used instead of Salwars.

The contemporary women tend to favor churidaars as well as their modern version of leggings over roomier, looser salwars these days. The trim trousers are also quite popular now as trendier bottoms in these suits. Patiala Salwars are, interestingly, still quite popular, thanks to the television and Bollywood influences. The Patiala Suits have shorter, trimmer kurtis that end above the knee level, so the beautifully crafted pleats or folds of the iconic salwar style will be visible.

Patiala/Punjabi Suits Online Shopping for Party and Wedding

At, you will find all these – the traditional as well as modern styles – in Punjabi suits. These suits are also known for their vibrancy and bright colors. houses these lovely suits in all your favorite colors. If you are looking to make an impression about the Indian Ethnic fashion in a foreign setting, these interesting suits can be your good pals. You will be comfortable in them, and they suit most body shapes. You can style them in many ways, by altering the bottom styles and changing the dupatta drapes.

Punjabi suits are suitable for women of all ages and are one of the most favored styles of teenage and young girls in India, specifically when they wish to go the ethnic route. Try making a niche statement at your school function by donning a stylish and simple Punjabi Suit from! ships worldwide. You can now order your favorite punjabi suit from across the world, including the countries of USA, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Sharjah and more.