Ahimsa Silk Sarees

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Ahimsa Silk Sarees

Ahimsa silk which is also known as ‘Peace Silk’, is a fabric made from yarns that are obtained without harming the pupae. The traditional method of obtaining silk from worms involve boiling the cocoons which leads to killing of the larvae inside. However, certain religions of India and communities across the world prefer to use products that have been made without harming any creature. This ideology has given rise to Ahimsa Silk. In the manufacturing process of this fabric, the cocoons are not boiled but are left idle for a few days till the larvae break the shell and come out. Alternatively, the cocoon is cut from the top thus allowing the creature to leave their shell, which is then used to obtain silk yarns.

Traditional vs Ahimsa Silk

Bombyx Mori is the most commonly used moth for Ahimsa silk, but it can also be made from other types of moths as well. The difference between traditional and ahimsa silk is in their manufacturing process. The eco-friendly method results into less fabric shine and twice the cost as compared to the traditional method. The manufacturing process of Ahimsa silk is also longer because of tedious processes involved in saving the larvae. Yet, the fabric is extensively used in making sarees and other type of traditional wear in India. There are many religious groups like Jains, Buddhists and certain Hindu communities that abide by such fabrics that do not involve any brutal treatments to any living being. In tune with the rising trend of such garments, saree.com has a vast range of Ahmisa silk drapes with smart zari patterns and exclusive designs.

A humanitarian step:

The growing awareness towards sustainable fashion and eco-friendly living has raised the demand for such fabrics. In the coming years, we can expect a lot of innovation from leading Indian designers to make globally appealing sarees and other forms of clothing using Ahimsa silk.