Bangalore Silk Sarees

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Bangalore Silk Sarees

The silk farms in Bangalore started by Jamsetji Tata produce some of the finest silk in the country. The fine silk threads are used to weave the beautiful Bangalore Silk Fabric which in turn is transformed into the coveted Bangalore Silk Sarees

The silk farms of Bangalore have a rich history, with Jamshetji controlling most of the silk production till the early 20th century. The Tata Silk Farm was also subsequently set up here with the help of the Japanese and with the cooperation of the Mysore Government.

The unique quality of Bangalore silk is that it is durable and has great strength. These silk sarees have a heavy zari border and pallu. Bangalore silk sarees are often embroidered with Parsi embroidery or Kutch embroidery. This fusion of different art work makes them special and unique and adds an exclusive and elegant look to each saree.

Exploring the world of Bangalore Silk Sarees

Bangalore Silk Sarees are available in various vibrant colours and designs. The quality of the silk fabric is excellent, and the designs are intricate and alluring. There is ample choice when it comes to picking out a Bangalore Silk Saree; from plain weaving to appliqué floral printing and temple borders to block printing, there is no shortage of styles and designs.

Bangalore Silk Sarees have gone through a transformation as well as have been innovated upon in recent years. Earlier these sarees were mainly made of dark coloured silk, with golden threads woven into the pallu. Today, however, the designs of Bangalore Silk Sarees are more modern, contemporary and stylish.

Bangalore Silk Sarees are now available as double-coloured silk sarees, printed silks, reversible sarees, and printed crepe silk sarees. These have been designed keeping the young consumer in mind and are very popular among the younger generation of women.

Contemporary women can carry off these sarees with élan as they are not as heavy as the traditional Bangalore Silk Sarees. Women even wear these light sarees to parties on a regular basis.

More about Bangalore Silk Sarees

Bangalore Silk Sarees are perfect as wedding wear due to their rich and stylish look. This saree is also perfect for festive seasons, parties, and corporate wear. You can team up these sarees with traditional Indian jewellery, and you are ready to dazzle on any occasion.

Bangalore Silk Sarees are also very popular globally with both Indians and foreigners. They are versatile, rich in design and fabric, and are available in exclusive designs with beautiful colours. The quality of the silk fabric of these sarees is also excellent.

These sarees are popular among young and old women alike. Natural silk is breathable and comfortable, and so, these sarees can be worn throughout the year, in any weather and season. Bangalore Silk Sarees are so rich and lush in themselves that they do not require too much embellishment.

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