Batik Print Sarees

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1 Results

Batik Print Sarees

Batik is an ancient art of printing intricate designs and scenery on a piece of fabric using wax and dyes. This art is found in many South Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Phillipines as well as in Nigeria. In India, the tradition of Batik print was started by the Khatri community of Gujarat which, over a period of time, was adopted by artisans in different parts of the country.

The Art of Batik Printing

This form of printing is done mainly on cotton and silk fabrics. The design is first drawn on the fabric by the artisan by using a pencil which is then re-traced with wax. Alternatively, the first step can be performed using a stencil. After the wax drawing, the fabric is dyed and then finally the wax is removed. The parts covered with wax do not get coloured thus producing a lovely pattern. Abstract designs are created by splashing wax on the fabric and then dyeing the fabric.

Saris made with Batik Print

Batik print sarees can be designed for every-day wear as well as for occasions. Cotton sarees with simple batik work are ideal for formal occasions, office-wear as well as casual outings. Batik print saris made with silk can be worn for festive occasions. These printed garments can further be embellished to make lace-work saris, gota patti sarees and resham-embroidery drapes. has a beautiful collection of colorful batik print saris with traditional and contemporary patterns. We offer the latest designs at the best price and styles that will always have you wanting for more!


Cotton saris having batik prints can be hand-washed at home with a gentle detergent. But while doing so, look out if there’s a colour-run. For silk saris, dry clean is the best option.

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