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14 Results

Kota Sarees - breezy and comfortable Indian weave from Rajasthan

India is a land of varied weaves and fabrics, each more enchanting than the other. Among these prized woven beauties, Kota sarees is one popular type, produced in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan. The gossamer sarees known for their breezy light feel, woven checked patterns and easy maintenance get their name from the quaint city - Kota - where they have been made since ages. They are also loosely known as Kota Masuria - as this fabric weave or type is known to have originated in the city of Mysore - known for its opulent silks - in Karnataka. Well, wow is the word - as how the weaves and skills have travelled across the country is quite endearing! Did you know even the Rajasthani Bandhani has a sister skill - that’s exclusively practised in the Southern India - called Sungudi.

According to the folklore, it is said that the weavers from Mysore migrated to Rajasthan following the patronage that they received from the royal families in Kota and with regal endorsement, Kota Masuria sarees soon became a statement - sported by the royalty and saree connoisseurs - for this weave’s all-day-wear, comfortable, airy and light qualities - perfect for Rajasthan’s scorching heat.

Kota Cotton and Kota Silk Saree

The most distinguishing characteristic of these sarees is the finely distributed checked pattern of their weave. The squares so formed with weaving in different coloured yarns or zari threads are known as Khats. They can be made in different sizes - and finer the khat, more exquisite and skillful the weave - and hence the fabric’s pliability and price.

If you know your sarees well, you would already be aware that fine cotton sarees are a hallmark of this saree type. Thus, Kota Cotton Sarees are what have made this regional speciality famous. However, these cotton sarees are unlike any other cotton drape - given their chiffon like soft appeal and pliable drape quality. Unlike most cotton sarees, high quality Kotas are very easy to wear and flattering. They drape well and a real Kota Masuria or Doria - with its extremely fine khats or checks - is a treat to wear. Many erstwhile princesses and queens from Rajasthan’s royal families can still be seen wearing them for their casual and everyday appearances. Kota sarees have also been popular among working women and housewives alike. The lighter, printed versions are worn as everyday wear household sarees - given their crazy durability and ease of washing (most can be washed at home, though they need to be starched).

With changing times and need, however, Kota silks have also become quite popular and coveted - as they can be worn for special occasions and have a grander feel. Most Kota Silk sarees are still made with some percentage of very fine cotton - which makes these sarees perfect silks for all kinds of weather and seasons.

Mostly made in cream or off-white with a thin gold zari borders, both cotton and silk sarees made in Kota - are then dyed and printed. Many are hand blocked or printed with block printing done with hand. Other have woven patterns much like the Bengali Jamdan- while many other are decorated with stunning Rajasthani gota patti work and appliques.

The technique of making Kota Doria

Kota Doria sarees can be made with silk, cotton as well as silk blended with cotton. These sarees are typically woven on a traditional pit loom for delicately making precise squares. The yarns are treated with onion juice and rice paste to make them stiff and strong, thus giving a crispy fall to the saree.

Buy Kota sarees online

Authentic Kota silk sarees are woven in the looms of Kota in Rajasthan. Saree.com offers aesthetically appealing pure Rajasthani Kota silk sarees with designs that preserve the beauty of traditional weaves. These days, Kota silk sarees are also woven with brocade which form buttis within the Khats and are edged with opulent looking zari borders. You can get all of the trending assortments of colours and details for Kota Doria saris on saree.com at the best price. We ship worldwide with the aim to provide the best of Indian ethnic wear and make online shopping a delightful experience!