Tissue Sarees

Tissue Sarees

A favourite of saree loving women worldwide, tissue is a thin gauze-like fabric woven with silk or other synthetic fibers. It is also closely associated with the grand Indian Benarasi or Banarasi weave of India. Tissue Banarasi Sarees are highly prized for their gossamer light and see-through sensuous appeal.

The finely woven Tissue fabric is known for its luster as well as light weight and wrinkle-resistant characteristics. Outfits made with tissue fabric look tremendously feminine and graceful.

Sarees made in Tissue fabric

The lustre and translucence of the material gives a sensual appeal to the Indian saree. Tissue being a delicate fabric needs to be cared for well. Because of the same reason these classy drapes usually have negligible embellishments. Golden and silver threads are woven with colorful yarns to give the effect of zari work and brocade in many of the pure tissue sarees.

Most tissue sarees are not made in dark colors, as dyeing the fabric heavily is generally not desirable. For a traditional look, you can opt for regal tissue Banarasis, which have an old world charm. For a contemporary look, choose soft or pastel hues like baby pink, lavender, white or silver. While pure silk or brocade weaves may be heavy to carry around, tissue saris are lighter and very convenient for hot weather. Some of these sarees are also starched heavily to ensure that they stand their own – which may make draping a little tricky. But, once and if you get the draping of a tissue saree right – it looks simply splendid!

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Fabric care and maintenance

Tissue is quite delicate and hence such outfits should only be dry cleaned, specifically if they are pure silk tissue. Other tissues may also be only dray cleaned or hand-washed carefully with only mild detergents. With innovations in the textile industry, these days relatively stronger and more durable tissue fabrics are woven using China silk. Mixing regular silk with China silk gives more rigidity and better finish to the material. Such sarees are more wearable and economically priced too. Though they lack the uniqueness and charm of the ‘real’ thing, they still are quite popular and practical. You can find them too on Saree.com.

A wardrobe must-have

The sumptuous texture and easy draping properties of tissue makes it a trendy pick for ethnic-wear, especially saris. It is surely one of your trendy wardrobe staples that can be your smart last-minute pick for a number of occasions. Be it an upscale kitty party, a grand occasion or a special dinner date, a sensual tissue saree will make sure that you win the heart of your audience!