Bengal Handloom Sarees

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Bengal Handloom Sarees

In the textile rich land of India, Bengal is a state that is well known for its handloom sector. For centuries, skilled craftsmen in the state have weaved magic on their handlooms making some of the finest cotton and silk fabrics that are popular globally. Keeping traditions alive, these looms make saris that not just bring out their inherent beauty, but also match up to present day trends in the fashion industry.

Tant Sarees: Tant sarees are one of the most popular types of Bengal drapes. These are tightly woven thick cotton drapes typically made on a handloom. Tant saris became popular during the Mughal rule in India. In the present times, they are commonly worn by women in West Bengal for routine-wear since they are very comfortable for the humid weather in that region. A Tant sari is characterized by thick borders and motifs of flowers and paisley

Baluchari Sarees: These are another type of Bengal handloom saris which are well known. Baluchari saris are woven from silk and are characterized by mythological scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. A lot of expertise is required to weave the scenes into the sari with precision, thus making the weaving process highly time consuming. A Baluchari sari is considered as a symbol of status.

Both Tant as well as Baluchari saris are examples of fine craftsmanship. While the former is ideal for casual-wear, the latter makes a perfect outfit for a grand occasion. Apart from these two, Korial, Tussar silk, Garad, Murshidabad Silk, Jamdani, Phulia, Matka Silk and Kantha stitch are some of the other well known Bengal handloom saris. You can find a beautiful range of such handloom drapes on

An art to preserve: With the advancement of technology and the innovation in power looms, handloom weavers have been facing a difficult time. But a lot of initiatives have been taken by the government to preserve the art of hand-weaving and also promote it in the global market.