Bengali Sarees

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Bengali Sarees

The eastern state of India, West Bengal has a rich cultural heritage of art and creation. With its roots deep in its illustrious past and literature, this is a culture that’s bound to bind you with its idiosyncrasies, nuances – and most importantly living styles. On a more common level, Begali culture has broadly been associated with three things, which are Bengali women, Bengali sweets (or food) and Bengali Sarees. Bengali Sarees – is an umbrella term that encompasses a vast variety of sarees, largely handloom sarees, are made in Bengal, saree crafts practised/color combinations indigenous to the area – or even other sarees that are manufactured here. All these sarees – from symbolic red and white Bengali sari to modest Taant to glorious muslins and splendid hand-woven jamdanis – have long crossed the borders of Bengal, taking a place of pride in the closets and hearts of tons of Indian women, across the country and globe.

Bengali Sarees are heavily inspired by the rich Indian tradition and culture - and offer unbeatable sophistication and elegance. The sarees made in Bengal or inherent to its society are made in natural fabrics like cotton, silk, muslin and linen. In fact, Bengal loves its cottons, muslins and linens– as these are best suited for the region’s climate. However, sico or silk cotton blend sarees and pure silk sarees are also quite famous here. The most popular Bengali white and red sarees are made in silk for wedding and bridal purposes.

Among the Cotton Sarees, there are Tant Sarees, Jamdani Sarees, Shantipuri Sarees, Dhonekhali/Dhaniakhali sari and Tangail Sarees. Among the Silk Sarees, there are multiple variants such as Red and White saris, Baluchari Sarees, Garad Sarees, Korial Sarees, Murshidabad Silk Sarees and Tussar Silk Sarees. Dhakai Muslins also used to an extremely popular saree type from Dhaka/ East Bengal – now Bangladesh. It is still a big producer of many Bengali sarees, especially Dhakai Jamdani.

Among all these sarees, Tant Sarees and Balachuri Sarees are the most popular among many Indian women. Tant Sarees are beautiful cotton sarees with a light and airy texture, making them apt for hot or humid weather. Balachuri Sarees are among the prettiest silk sarees of Bengal, known for their elaborately woven pallavs and borders - with scenes from religious texts and ancient epics.

However, among the colours adorned by Bengali women, Red and White are most well known. Though, these women wear sarees of all colors, these two fire and ice hues are integrally related to their culture. An off-white or white saree with a beautiful deep red border and pallav is the desired choice of Bengali women for devotional events or religious ceremonies such as Durga Pooja and other commemorative functions. For weddings, Bengali women prefer white/ cream/ beige Banarasi silk saree with maroon, red or pink borders and gold zari or buta work.

The Red and White Bengali sarees are more popular, because they are considered extremely auspicious by the women in this region. These sarees hold special colour significance for them with white symbolising purity and red, her fertility – and are a must wear for married women. These are actually the most favourite attire of all Bengali women, which they accessorise with red and white shankh bangles. The common varieties of Red and White Sarees are available in different tyeps of sarees like Tant, Jamdani, Korial, Tussar, and Baluchari.

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