Bomkai Sarees

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Bomkai Sarees

Besides the Sri Jagannath Temple, the seashore of Puri and the Pipli handicrafts, Odisha is also known for the Bomkai Sarees which is usually made and woven in the Western region of the State. Bomkai Sarees are of unique textile quality, and they are known as Bomkai Cotton Saree and Bomkai Silk Saree. The name Bomkai comes from the name of the village which used to originally weave such fabrics for the rich Indian aristocrats of an era gone by. The designs of these sarees generally have a touch of tribal folklore and with their rich and colourful patterns make the perfect outfits to be given as gifts.

Having a Bomkai Saree as part of a saree collection provides one with a beautiful and versatile outfit which can be worn for both daytime and evening functions and as both casual and formalwear. Usually, Bomkai Cotton Sarees are worn on a daily basis and are the most comfortable piece of clothing since Odisha being on a coastal region has high humidity. This blend of fabric is definitely the most comfortable fabric for ladies who love to wear the six yards.

Odisha is not only known for its Bomkai Sarees but also other weaves which include Ikkat, Pasapalli and Khandua sarees. More trendy outfits like kurtas and dresses are also made from these comfortable fabrics. Bomkai Sarees come in a huge variety of colours and due to their lightness elderly ladies prefer wearing them since although being silk they aren’t heavy and difficult to manage like other silk fabrics.

Bomkai Sarees can be worn for any special occasion and can also be given as a part of the wedding trousseau. Vibrant hues like orange, red, yellow, blue and even black and brown are the most favoured colours for any event. Bomkai Sarees are unique and have their own personality; it gives that class-apart look in the midst of a crowd easily. Anybody possessing Bomkai Sarees will definitely have two sets of it one Cotton Bomkai Saree and the other Bomkai Silk Saree.

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