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Bridal Sarees for Wedding, Reception, Engagement and Sangeet Party

Anyone’s Wedding Day is indeed one of the most important days in their life, a life-changing event that gives memories to cherish for a lifetime. Such special memories are definitely better when they are picturesque! Be it the bride or the groom, dressing up on their D-Day is surely high on agenda. However, it’s the bride, who is expected to really shine and sizzle – and thus, wearing a gorgeous Bridal Attire is her dream!

In India and other ethnic settings, weddings are big occasions, involving a lot of people who come together and celebrate this new beginning with great zeal and fervor. It is the time for a bride to look her best, since she is at the epicenter of all rituals and festivities. Importance of bridal ensembles across the world ensures that these grand garments are made with great care and detail. In India, a bride has many options to choose from - for her D-Day. A Bridal Saree is one among the most preferred outfits among many cultures, whereas Lehengas are also becoming quite popular. Many of these bridal sarees are a particular state’s indigenous weave or fabric craft. For example Rajasthani and Baniya brides can often be seen wearing Gharchola and Bandhani sarees, while Banarasi is a preferred pick for a North Indian or Bengali bride. Kanjivaram Sarees are another sort of popular Bridal Saris and many South Indian girls wear this traditional bridal attire.

Auspicious Hues and Styles

Sarees, for centuries, have been the most commonly opted bridal outfit. A bridal saree is characterized by heavy embroidery and embellishments to match the dazzling ambience of an Indian wedding. Red and maroon are considered as auspicious colours and are, therefore, extensively used in bridal saris. Recently, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma walked in as the perfect Indian bride in a red Banarasi silk sari at her wedding reception. Even though the preferences are changing and bridal lehengas are fast replacing many other wedding outfit options, a bridal saree has an undying allure – and even if a girl doesn’t wear it on her D-Day, she sure finds a way and function to flaunt this splendid drape.

Different regions in India have their own auspicious colours and traditional styles. For example in Gujarat, a white, green and red sari called ‘Panetar’ is worn by a girl during her wedding while in certain states of the country yellow and green saris form the traditional bridal outfit. Apart from auspicious hues, there are also certain fabrics which form a part of the wedding attire. In Southern India, a Kanjivaram silk saree adorned with heavy zari work forms the traditional bridal outfit. is a reputed online store offering breathtakingly beautiful bridal weddding sarees for its culturally diverse global clientele!

Modern Styles Sarees for Dulhan

It’s the era where women experiment with new styles and hues. Breaking away from the monotony of shades of red, Indian brides these days are seen walking the aisle in pink and beige lehenga sarees and zardozi embellished golden drapes. A shift in preferences for unique wedding outfits has led to a lot of innovations in bridal sarees that not just meet the requirements of modern brides but also keep cultural traditions intact with their intricate hand-embroidery and other ethnic details. Buying a bridal saree is your once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so you must take a good amount of time and effort and get the best for your D-day!