Brocade sarees

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Brocade Sarees

Brocades of the World

If you were to pick anything labeled Indian or ethnic in an international setting, chances are that this merchandise will have some brocade fabric element to it. Whether it is about the grand Indian Banarasi sarees or ethnic style accessories like bags and slippers – brocade has come to be associated with everything distinctively Indian – even to us.

Gorgeous and ornate brocade sarees are a must-have for every saree lover. Even if you are away from your motherland, you can get finest, royal Brocade sarees – from These rich saris have come to be associated with weddings, brides, trousseaus and auspicious occasions. North Indian and Bengali brides often wear Banarasi brocade saris in pure silk, as their bridal saree.

Few come to realize that brocade is as much of the world as it is ours, though. The fabric has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. Its weaving history can be traced back to many nations in Asia, Europe and Middle East. Brocade was one of the few fabrics/ weaves that were made from the silk – in the earliest days of silk’s and sericulture’s discovery. Reserved for the royalty and the filthy rich, brocades were extremely expensive in their earlier days – given their opulent, exquisite appearance and intricate weaving. Till now, the grand Banarasi silk brocades are reserved for ultra-special occasions like weddings.

Fabric of Luxury and Opulence

The word ‘brocade’ is not used for just one fabric – it is actually an entire class of fabrics, almost all of which are ornate and flashy weaves. Brocades are shuttle-woven fabrics, which have an embossed or slightly 3-D appearance. The overall effect – in all sorts of brocades, including the popular Chinese and Moroccan (and our indigenous Banarasi Brocades), is of an embroidered cloth with intricate motifs. Brocades are used to make apparels, tapestry, upholstery, wall hangings and accessories.

Earlier luxurious brocades were made in only silk – with gold, silver and other metallic threads. Even in India, Zari produced by metallic yarns used to be in real, precious metals. However, with rising demand and changes times, brocades came to be made using artificial fibers too, including plastic zari and polyester yarns. Cotton and silk-cotton are also used to make brocades now.

The Indian Brocade

The Indian Brocade came to us, as a side-effect of many foreign invasions. That is why, it has a very strong Persian and Muslim influence, which is visible in the patterns and motifs inlaid onto the fabric. This was, in fact, rose to fame during the Mughal era, and was spread by Muslim weavers. Produced intricately with silk, cotton, raw silk and now polyester - the Indian indigenous art of the woven Brocade fabric, also popularly known as ‘Kalabattu’, comes from Banaras. Banarasi brocade has a characteristic gold patterning – which is the signature style of the Indian brocade fabrics.

Today, in India Brocade fabric has found its way into the homes and wardrobes of almost everyone. From interior decoration fabrics to Indian apparels and Western outfits – brocade is used in myriad ways. Ethnic fashion industry strives on it, and it is a recurring theme in occasion-wear and even fusion ensembles. Pairing a lovely silk saree with brocade border and a stylish crop top is a great idea, if you wish to catch eyeballs at any party.

Since heavy brocade fabrics don’t need any extra embellishment or embroidery, they make for wonderful fabric bases for opulent and heavy wedding outfits, like lehengas, sarees, Anarkali suits and even menswear like Sherwanis and Bandhgalas. This ensures that the final garment has a regal look, without actually being too weighty. Real silk brocades are all weather fabrics, and thus, can be worn even in (mild) summer weddings. As for the prices, given the innovation in brocades now, these are available in a host of price ranges – to suit every budget and occasion.

Classic Sarees that are a wardrobe must-have…

From trendy mainstream fashion enthusiasts to Bollywood and leading fashion designers, brocade has been everyone’s favorite muse – at some or the other point in time. With handlooms and Indian weaves back at the center of fashion game, brocades are super popular now – and this love is not going to fade any time soon. Whether it is a wedding or any kind of social function, you are guaranteed to look spectacular in Brocade Sarees as they happen to be the right choice of attire/outfits that require minimal bling and bring out a great deal of sophistication.

Banarasi sarees, which happen to be the most popular type of Brocade sarees, are exquisite gold and silver brocades from India that are woven in the city of Banaras (Varanasi). Zari/Amru brocades, Tanchoi brocades, Amni brocades, Tissue brocades, etc., are some examples of the variety and types of Banarasi brocade sarees. You can find an array of lovely brocade saris at

Brocade Sarees come in a wide range of patterns and colors. From elaborate pallavs and saree bodies to just borders – brocade motifs are fashioned in many ways on sarees. Small, circular or paisley designs, known as buttis, and flowers, vines and other Persian designs are popular in these saris.

At, you will find a rich collection of Brocade Sarees, ideal for weddings, parties, wedding trousseaus and other special occasions. With customer satisfaction and delight as our motto, we always ensure that you have a wonderful online shopping experience.