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Make a Style Statement with the Eternal Trend of Brocade Sarees

If you were to pick anything Indian or ethnic in an international setting, the chances are that this merchandise will have some brocade fabric element to it. Whether it is about the grand Indian Banarasi sarees or ethnic style accessories like bags and slippers, brocade has come to be associated with everything distinctively Indian – even to us.

Gorgeous and ornate brocade sarees are a must-have for every saree lover. Even if you are away from your motherland, you can get the most luxurious, royal Brocade sarees online from These rich saris have come to be associated with weddings, brides, trousseaus, and auspicious occasions. North Indian and Bengali brides often wear Banarasi brocade silk sarees as their bridal saree.

Banarasi sarees, which happen to be the most popular type of Brocade sarees, are exquisite gold and silver brocades from India originating in Banaras (Varanasi). Zari/Amru brocades, Tanchoi brocades, Amni brocades, and Tissue brocades are some types of Banarasi brocade sarees. You can find an array of lovely brocade saree designs at and also shop the luxury range through video shopping.

The Fabric of Luxury and Opulence

The word ‘brocade’ is not just one fabric – it is an entire class of materials, almost all of which are ornate and flashy weaves. Brocades are shuttle-woven fabrics, which have an embossed or slightly 3-D appearance. The overall effect in all sorts of brocades, including the popular Chinese and Moroccan (and our indigenous Banarasi Brocades), is an embroidered cloth with intricate motifs.

Today, the brocade weave has spread its charm to many other indigenous handloom sarees thus, bringing Paithani brocade sarees, brocade pattu sarees, South Indian brocade sarees, and brocade georgette sarees into the Indian fashion scene. The details traditionally show strong Mughal and Persian influence in their woven details of buttas and floral motifs.

Classic Brocade Sarees that are a Wardrobe Must-have

Black brocade sarees with stunning metallic details are a party staple- a statement of effortless impact and ethnic ostentation! From trendy mainstream fashion enthusiasts to Bollywood and leading fashion designers, brocade has been everyone’s favorite muse.

With handlooms and Indian weaves back at the center of the fashion game, brocades are in high trend now – and this love is not going to fade any time soon. Whether it is a wedding or any social function, you are guaranteed to look spectacular in Brocade Sarees as they happen to be the right choice of attire/outfits that require minimal bling and bring out a great deal of sophistication.