Brown Sarees

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Brown Sarees

The Colours

Colours paint our world – colourful!

Could you imagine a world without the various hues, tints and shades? To say the least, the colours fill the blank canvas of life with vibrance and charm.

Each and every colour has a special significance. Varying associations are held vis-a-vis colours. Colours are also said to influence emotions and thought-processes. Although these associations, emotions and ideas may be influenced by the culture and the context, there are certain universal meanings attached to colours or hues.

The Colour Brown

Brown is universally seen as the colour of the Earth. It is a perfect base color, as it represents the very base, we all sustain ourselves on. One of the most dominated hues in the nature’s palette, brown is a composite made by a combination of red, yellow and black. Another major color model creates brown by mixing red and green in varying proportions.

Perceived a modest and warm, brown is said to be supportive and comforting. It is not a jarring colour, and thus, acts as a perfect complement to stronger, brighter colour schemes. This is the very reason, you will find brown used amply, in its various tints and shades, in all Indian Ethnic fashion wear.

Brown Colour in Sarees and Indian Ethnic Fashion-wear

In sarees, brown makes a perfect complement to deep reds and perky greens. People with subdued tastes also like light brown sarees with dull gold borders.

Unlike the wrongly held notion, brown is actually a colour in sarees that is loved by women of all ages. While old women like the understated elegance of brown sarees, the younger, contemporary lot gets a lot of room for experimentation with brown saris, given its earthy, organic appeal.

Brown Embellished Sarees

In fact, in heavily embellished sarees, brown color, in its tints like fawn, beige etc., acts as a beautiful solid base, where there is a lot of scope for ostentatious, dressy elements. Such a saree looks ornate, but doesn’t look over-the-top or garish.

Brown colour also makes a good combination with metallics of the same family – like golden, bronze and copper tones. Think of a handloom brown saree, uplifted by a beautiful bronze or muted gold border!

The Jewel Tones

The deep, rich browns, resembling the colour of the much-loved cold drink, are one of the most loved and vibrant forms of the brown colour. At, you will find many sarees, fit to be a part of your saree collection or even trousseau in the jewel brown color. This lovely hue looks resplendent on most women, and takes off beautifully on the Indian skin tone. In combination with reds, pinks, peach and yellows, the jewel brown color looks fabulous.

Same goes for the lighter, paler golden brown or fawn. This colour goes well with golden and red elements. It is a colour combination of choice in many wedding sarees and party-wear sarees. Choose your favourite brown saree from’s range of silk sarees, net sarees, half and half sarees and regular-wear sarees.

The Versatile Colour

Brown is a versatile colour, and can easily take you from day to night, and from casual to formal. You will, thus, find a lot of casual-wear sarees in brown, which will help you sizzle at an after-work party, with some styling and intelligent accessorizing.

You can also choose plain brown sarees with rich borders or the ones with embroidery to stand out on special occasions and festivities.

Style it well!

Women of all ages can effectively and easily carry a brown sari, with some tweaks in their jewelry, blouse and accessories. Now, you can choose from a vast array of contemporary and traditional jewelry available on Gold jewelry goes extremely well with brown tone sarees, and you must browse our Accessories section to pick one enchanting piece for yourself.

At, you can buy brown sarees online at a very reasonable price. The latest and trendy is always available at our platform. However, the best of the sarees go out-of-stock pretty soon. Thus, we suggest that you keep visiting us on a regular basis, so you don’t miss out on picking your most favorite saree. If you live outside India, you need not worry, as we have a facility of world-wide shipping, and are popular saree suppliers in many countries including Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.