Crepe Sarees

Crepe Sarees

Bet you thought of delicious French crêpes, the moment you heard the word crepe! Well, the crêpes, thin French pancakes are different from the crepe fabric, though this one (the fabric) is equally sought after and gorgeous – and absolutely French! Originally made from pure silk, in order to get a more resilient, crisper and shine-free fabric, crepe yarn had a restricted use, when invented. But, today, this versatile fabric has moved far above from its merely practical usage. From dresses, western wear, wedding gowns, shawls, ethnic costumes to all sorts of Indian ethnic wear, including crepe sarees, crepe suits, crepe fabric is everywhere.

Crepe fabric is now made from silk, wool, poly-silk and polyester yarns – and even poly-cotton. It is a double spun, strong yarn, and has a fluid, wavy and crinkly appearance. Modern day’s most loved and used fabric Georgette was also made as a variant of crepe. You will generally get a softer version of crepe, and a harder, crisper version, should you go looking for crepes. The authentic soft crepe is also called as the Canton or Oriental crepe.

In India, crepe is often used in making sarees, as these sarees tend to give a very good fall, and are strong enough to withstand all sorts embroidery and accentuation processes. Crepe, unlike georgette, is less flimsy or transparent, and thus is used in making sarees that are not see-through, yet have a texture and beautiful fall like georgette/ chiffon. Given crepe’s strength and fluidity, it is also used to make printed fabrics, which then is used to craft lehengas, Anarkalis and salwar suits.

Basis its weave, the crepe fabric may be single ply, double-ply or triple-ply. Stronger and purer the crepe is, more expensive it is. Pure crepe sarees are made from 100% silk yarn, and unlike silk they are somewhat matt in appearance and can be worn in all seasons. Poly crepe sarees are way cheaper and are available in an endless, pocket-friendly variety. At, you will get a gorgeous collection of crepe sarees in various saree materials and sari fabrics - for all occasions and purposes.

Printed crepe sarees are much sought-after for their elegant and timeless appeal. They are popular as corporate and office wear sarees, and many aged and mature women also love to wear them as regular wear sarees. You can dress up a pure crepe saree with prints or little embellishments with graceful accessories like a pearl string, pearl earrings and a smart clutch or tote.

Designer crepe sarees, crepe sarees with embroidery and lace work, crepe saris with border, wedding crepe sarees are also other popular variants, which you will find them on Browse to find a lovely crepe saree collection in fancy and contemporary designs.

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