Dhakai Sarees

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Dhakai Sarees

One of the finest varieties of handlooms from the Bengal region, surreal Dhakai sarees – with their gorgeous motifs and transparent, light appearance with slightly-risen motifs – are a must-have for every woman, who loves her sarees. Getting their name from the capital city of Bangladesh (earlier East Bengal – a part of India) – today, Dhakai saris are also popularly known as the Dhakai Jamdani sarees.

Dhaka, today one of the most populated cities in the world, was one of the most popular ancient centres of weaving in the Indian sub-continent. Particularly famed for its magnificent muslins – legends say that one could pass an entire Dhakai mulmul (muslin) through a finger ring – Dhaka is till date is the most prominent centre of Jamdani production. Although, post partition, lakhs of Hindu weavers moved to the state of West Bengal (in India) – the art has been relentlessly carried on by both the Muslim and Hindu weavers on both sides of the border. Thus, apart from Bangladesh, West Bengal is also a major producer of stunning Jamdani sarees and Dhakai muslins.

Although, the origin history of Dhakai saris or the Dhakai jamdanis is not very clear, the Muslim and Persian influence on the weave is apparent from the designs and motifs. The characteristic lightness of Dhakai sarees is remarkable and unmatched. Earlier these sarees were made only in the finest muslin. These days other cotton varieties and natural fibers like linen, jute – and even tussar silk – are used to make Dhakai Jamdani saris. The Dhakai sari is woven from inspirations taken from the nature as well as the simple occurrences of your daily life.

Dhakai Jamdani sarees are made on a brocade loom. No wonder, these sarees also have an embossed motifs’ appeal – much like the brocade sarees. However, the base yarns and colors used in Dhakai sarees are altogether different. The appeal of these elegant saris lies in their subtlety and simplicity.

Types and Fabrics

With growing demand, jamdanis are no longer only made on handlooms. However, the ones made on power-looms, in factories – using sub-standard raw materials, hardly classify as the real Dhakai Jamdani beauties. However, buying an original handloom Dhakai Jamdani saree is an art in itself. True saree lovers will vouch for ways in which you can identify the original and the faux ones. The pallu and the fabric quality play a pivotal role in identifying the authentic handloom Jamdani. The thread work in Dhakai sari is unique, and you will not find the finishing you get in an original - in a faux Dhakai silk sari.

However, owing to price factor and availability, both handloom and powerloom Jamdanis are available and sought in the markets. But, if they are made in artificial or polyester yarns, the sari will never give you the drape, grace and comfort of muslin or cotton Jamdani. Saree.com showcases a varied range of various types of lovely Dhankai Jamdani sarees – in good quality fabrics, all kinds of colors and price ranges.

The perfect summer Saree

Cotton Dhakai Jamdani saree is woven using motifs that are real life inspired and the fabric looks rich and regal, despite being cotton and simple. It is the weaving that gives it the rich. There is a certain level of transparency in this cotton sari, which makes it look extravagant. This lightness and transparency make these beauties look ultra-cool in summers and monsoons.

SiCo saris or silk-cotton blends are also quite popular – and so are exquisite silk jamdanis, which make for popular wedding gifts and bridal trousseau inclusions. Owing to its origins, these heritage sarees are most popularly made in colors held auspicious in Bengal. Thus, red Dhakai Jamdani saree is much sought after – and so are red and white jamdani sarees, which almost every Bengali woman has in her wardrobe.

Original muslin jamdanis are not easily available, but they are splendid when it comes to comfort and ease of carrying. The original Dhakai saris are perfect for hot and humid weather of the region – and thus, sometimes, many of the simple variants of these saris were worn by the married woman (of the Bengal region) on a daily basis.

These days, Dhakai Jamdani saree is worn on several occasions, including festivals, auspicious occasions, baby showers, weddings and engagement ceremonies. Simple ones and the pretty white-based Dhakais are great for day-wear, work-wear and even as corporate-wear. The Dhakai silk saree is available in a variety of colours and designs and you are bound to find the rich red that can be worn for festivals and the light pink that can be worn as regular-wear.

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