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Warli Print Sarees

Every form of original art is priceless. In a secluded region on the Gujarat- Mahrashtra border, lives the Warli tribe that is well known for its indigenous art of painting scenes that depict the beauty of nature and human civilization creatively. These paintings were previously limited to the walls of the houses of the Varli tribe. However, the appealing beauty of this art has made it popular throughout the world, extending it to canvas paintings as well as textiles and murals which are also often seen at luxury properties. Warli paintings have simplified drawings of people, trees, houses and other components of tribal life.

Warli print on fabrics:

Initially fabrics were hand-painted by the tribals as well as other artists to make unique garments. But these days, given the increased demand of varli patterns, printing has replaced hand-painted garments to a large extent. Such decorated garments usually have sceneries of people dancing, hunting or celebrating in a forest-like surrounding. The use of earthy colours like brick, dark brown and henna, gives the garment a uniquely aesthetic appeal.

Sarees made with warli print:

Having such lively patterns over your drape would make for smart attire for your office wardrobe as well as casual outings. For work-wear, you can opt for a plain cotton or silk saree, having varli printed border, while for casual occasions pick colorful drapes with bolder prints scattered all over. A number of designers use warli blocks to make exclusive sarees having their own unique patterns. Celebrity designer Masaba Gupta’s sarees often have such artistic block prints. Digital print sarees having warli patterns are also commercially available and are relatively low priced. You can also check out our trendy collection of warli print drapes on saree.com. Sometimes, such motifs are so fascinating that they are used as patterns for embroideries and embellishments in heavy sarees and lehengas too. Such gorgeous works of art are difficult to make, as warli paintings and motifs can be quite intricate.

A stylish touch:

This lively form of art radiates sophistication. With the inherent rawness of patterns, a warli printed saree is a statement outfit by itself and needs very less accessorizing. The elegant appeal of these drapes is perfect to make an impact at your client meetings, friend gatherings and public events.