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Saree for an Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony generally is the official announcement of a new alliance between two people and well, their families too! In India, where arranged marriages are still quite popular, the engagement ceremony is a formally held event, where the girl and the boy are introduced to each other’s extended network of friends and relatives. Tilak, kachi misri, gol dhaana- the engagement ceremony is known by different names across different communities. However, these days this may also mean an official exchange of rings ceremony - that happens much later (after an alliance is fixed) - on a date nearer to the actual wedding. In that context, this is usually like a Shagun ceremony - or sometimes a very stylish party.

Following the auspicious and cultural aspects of the occasion, the dress code usually comprises of a saree or a heavy salwar suit or lehenga choli for the girl. Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged one, it’s always desirable to make a positive first impression and there comes the significance of choosing the right engagement saree!

Why should you wear a saree for your engagement ceremony?

Traditional wear gives you a number of other options which can be worn however, we suggest wearing a saree for the engagement party and here are the major reasons-

A saree is inherently beautiful and highly accepted socially by the conservative as well as the modern ones. So with a saree, you have better chances of impressing your audience!

Saris beautifully enhance your figure- and that is what you really want when you’re meeting your new family-to-be for the first time! So whether you’re curvy, plump or skinny, the Indian sari is definitely for you. If you want a voluminous look, then a crispy art silk saree or an organza or tissue sari should be picked as such fabrics tend to balloon up. For the curvy and flabby ones, flattering fabrics like crepe silk, georgette, satin and chiffon will tone down your figure, making you look slimmer by inches.

The sensual appeal- Indian men always get attracted more to their woman when she’s clad in a saree so it’s a fool-proof way of getting your man’s attention!

Which colour saree should be worn for an engagement ceremony?

An engagement ceremony is always held on a smaller scale as compared to the main wedding function. And for the girl, it’s the first step towards becoming a bride. Your engagement bridal sari should be moderately heavy with subtle tones like powder pink, beige, light golden, pastel blue or lavender. For a purely traditional Indian bridal look, you can pick a Bandhani saree or a shibori printed georgette saree edged with gota-patti work. A half-and-half velvet and silk saree with zardozi border can work as a regal pick for the occasion.

Following traditions as well as the latest trends together, saree.com offers a wide and tempting range of engagement sarees for Indian brides across the globe!