Gadwal Sarees

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Gadwal Sarees

When you talk of sarees, you simply cannot miss out on the beautiful Gadwal Sarees. Handcrafted and woven, this saree from Andhra Pradesh, worn during Pujas is definitely one to be added to your trousseau. The heavy work pure Gadwal Sarees are made of a cotton body with a silk pallu, which gives it the rich look for occasions, and the comfort that you need when wearing a saree. The Gadwal Sarees are a beautiful mix of fabric and designs. Most of the designs along the pallus would be temple designs or architecture of temples. Even trendy shapes and geometric patterns adorn the pallus of the Gadwal Cotton Saree.

Exploring the world of Gadwal Sarees

The pure Gadwal Saree is a handwoven variety of saree that originated in the north. A migration of saree weavers from the North of India to Gadwal (now in Telagana but formally Andhra Pradesh), appears to be the explanation for this weaving technique getting popular in this region. It is also possible that the then king of Gadwal commissioned weavers to go north and learn this art of weaving.

Around the 1930s, the Gadwal Sarees were commercialised with the advent of spinning looms and manual machines that helped the weavers. Today, textiles and other automation techniques have taken over.

The interlocked weft borders are what make the Gadwal Cotton Saree unique. You can find good Gadwal Sarees in various contrasting colours that make them appealing and aesthetic. Pure Gadwal Sarees come in a variety of border styles ranging from narrow to moderate to broad. Golden zari work is embroidered into the borders giving them a luxurious look and feel.

Initially, Gadwal Sarees were inspired by temples and nature. You will find the depiction of temples and nature in the designs that adorns the borders and the pallu. An example of this can be found in the earlier designs for Gadwal sarees which were beautified with earth colours and rich designs. Apart from nature and temple architecture, you would find geometric shapes along the borders containing heavy work.

The modern pure Gadwal Saree has definitely come out with better designs and colours. The innovations can be seen in the contrasting colours, bright shades and aesthetic designs that have moved beyond the temple designs.

As the sari is made of cotton and silk, it gives the rich appearance inside comfortable bearing allowing you to don it for various tradition occasions. The zari work makes it look traditional and rich, so you can wear it to parties, engagement ceremonies and even during weddings. It suits all types of climates so that comfort won’t be an issue for you.

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