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Beautiful Traditional Sarees For Haldi Ceremony

Wearing Yellow Sarees For Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony- whenever we hear this term in context to Indian weddings, it brings about serene and joyous visuals of women, including the bride, clad in yellow sarees or other traditional garments, like lehengas or suits. While, the bride is a sight to behold, with turmeric paste applied all over her face and limbs, vivacious, enthusiastic relatives are also no less. The same ritual is held at groom's home too – though it’s only the women-folk in the family, who are seen in gorgeous Haldi Sarees – in varying shades of the bright and bold yellows. Often groom's sister carries Haldi and Mehendi to the bride’s home, wearing such vibrant drapes. So ethnic, rich Haldi Sarees are integral to any Indian wedding.

The age-old ritual is followed a few days before the wedding, for the bride and groom both and with time, this small tradition has turned into a full-fledged party- with family and friends getting themselves coloured with turmeric and sandalwood paste and dancing their heart out to folk and Bollywood wedding songs! These days, given the popularity of theme weddings, usually a dress code of yellow is followed by family, friends and all the attendees for this function.

Why is yellow saree worn by bride during Haldi function?

The idea behind having this ritual is to nourish the skin of the bride and the groom before their wedding so that they look their best on their D-day. Apart from its medicinal and healing properties, turmeric gives a nice glow to the skin. But the colour of this powder is extremely strong and loud. Hence brides prefer wearing yellow sarees during their haldi ceremony so that the application of this yellow paste does not look messy over their attire. Also sarees are the most preferred garment since this is completely an Indian ritual unlike the ring ceremony which is adopted from the western culture.

Haldi Saree For Bride

The function being a little messy with all the sticky paste and water; the bride’s saree for the haldi ceremony should be light and flattering. Opt for fabrics like georgette, chiffon, cotton, or light and soft art silk. If you’re not too keen on wearing a yellow saree, then you can also opt for shades of orange, mustard or a cream art silk saree with golden border as this attire looks beautiful even when messed up with haldi and sandalwood paste. For contemporary weddings, an off-beat colour palette like pastel pink and green will also work well!

Which type of saree blouse designs can be worn with haldi saree?

The bride should wear a light fabric blouse- like a cotton blouse for the ceremony. Avoid heavy silks and embroidered blouses. Halter-neck, cut sleeves or short sleeved details should be preferred so that applying the paste is easier.