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Jute Silk Sarees

Soft and beautiful, the pure jute silk sarees are indeed a collection of Indian sarees that you most certainly cannot miss out on. Largely found along the eastern coast of India, and popular with Bengali sarees, the jute cotton sarees are simply invincible. Available in varying designs, patterns, and even styles, these should be added to your saree collection, if you haven’t bought one till date.

Let’s revisit the brilliant history of the Jute silk sarees, and know how it attained its fame. A natural fibre, golden and shiny, Jute has spread its happiness from Africa to Asia and has been used to design a lot of things ranging from paper, purses to pure Jute silk sarees.

Jute cotton sarees are popular as they are cost-effective, happen to be nice and rich in their texture, and offer excellent draping material to the ladies. Soft and breezy, it looks amazing when worn during the summers. It bears off the heat and makes your skin look radiant in the saree. The different geometric prints and patterns are famous for pure Jute silk sarees where among the different motifs used, it is the traditional block printing that has received maximum fame. The wooden blocks are dipped in paint and pressed on the fabric to print the styles and different elements.

Exploring the world of Jute silk sarees

The jute fabric is segregated into four main types- hessian or burlap, sacking, canvas and jute yarn or twine. It is the yarn or twine that is mainly used in packaging, pipe joints, etc. and the sacking variant is used to weave cloth, and used in most of the sarees. Typically, Hessian is used to sew bags while canvas is used for protection from the weather.

Among the different varieties, it is the Jute cotton sarees that happen to be very affordable, and easily available.

Apart from pure Jute silk sarees, this fibre is also used to make stylish as well as affordable daily wear clothes and you will find a lot of kurtas, kurtis, salwar sets, and kurta pyjamas available in jute which can be worn for special occasion or function or even on a daily basis. Add a hint of colour to your jute products, and you are sure to fall in love with the end product. Most often bright and vibrant colours such as red, orange, blue, pink and purple are most sought after in case of jute cotton sarees.

Shopping for Designer Jute Silk Sarees

It is not every day that you would go shopping for jute sarees so it is a good idea to choose something trendy, authentic, validated and at the best price. At saree.com, you can shop for a wide range of pure jute silk sarees that are available in abundant colours and different patterns. Online shopping is made easy and hassle free with the variety of payment modes along with easy & free shipping facilities. Select the order from the set of new arrivals and wait for it to be delivered at your home.