Kanchi cotton Sarees

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Kanchi cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are one of the most the most widely preferred garments for daily wear. In the region of southern India is a quaint town named Kanchipuram which is a booming textile hub producing finely woven saris of cotton and silk. While Kanchipuram silk is known all over the world for its intricately woven patterns and shimmery zari borders, Kanchi cotton which is quite lower priced as compared to silk drapes woven there, is famous as regular-wear attire for South Indian women. The beauty of Kanchi Cotton sarees: These sarees are very comfortable for regular wear, office-wear and casual outings. Kanchi cotton saris are woven in the handlooms of Kanchipuram and are characterized by colourful borders and intricate temple designs repeated over the length of the sari. Temple designs woven on these drapes reflect the architecture of temples in southern India which have artistically carved walls with detailed flowers, human forms, animals as well as mythological scenes. These days cotton-silk drapes which have a shiny surface like silk and are yet comfortable to wear have also become very popular. The use of shimmery zari threads adds richness to these drapes which are worn for small functions and social gatherings. You can wear a colourful Kanchi cotton-silk sari for pre-wedding parties, baby shower and soft hued ones for formal business meetings. To get trendy Kanchi saris for your everyday and party wardrobe, check out saree.com. Going Global: Made with one of the most finely woven cotton fabrics, these drapes are famous worldwide. They are also a common souvenir bought by tourists while visiting Kanchipuram. Adapting to global changes, Kanchi cotton is these days also used to make trendy salwar suits and fusion wear, thus greatly expanding the market for this beautiful handloom fabric.

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