Kasavu Sarees

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Kasavu Sarees

Doesn’t your wardrobe feel incomplete without the white and golden Kasavu saree of Kerala fame? A lot of people have it in their wedding trousseau even if they don’t belong to the state of Kerala. Also referred to as Mundu Neriyathum or mundu set, this ancient saree covered mostly the lower part of the body. It was basically a cloth in the historical times, which was converted into a Kasavu saree with modern style and can easily be paired with neriyathu or the mundu set which is the upper clothing, which also happens to be the blouse in this case.

If you rake history, you will see that this piece of traditional clothing belongs to the Hindu-Buddhist-Jain culture. This tradition was at its peak in Kerala, and has been adapted from the Roman culture or, so you can say. The unstitched border which is pinned to the left shoulder makes the Kasavu saree one of the most sought after pieces in India.

Exploring the Kerala Kasavu sarees

Kara at the border along a white or cream coloured mundum neriyathum is generally worn as an Onam saree to celebrate the festivities in Kerala. Mostly worn around the lower part of the body akin to the mundu, tucked into the pavadai, this long form of saree looks rich and aesthetic during festival season.

The beautiful kasavu sarees are hand woven, and the borders of this saree are dipped in gold. In today’s time and age, numerous patterns, and colourful borders have also made their place instead of the regular golden border. The blouses and the Onam saree, in general, have aligned its style to match the modern designer saree trends.

In modern times, you will see that the mundu is not tucked into the kasavu sarees, and the borders are also increasingly different from the original ones.

The motifs and the embroidery have been inspired from ancient folklore and arts which include Mahabharata and the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. Apart from sarees, the mundu sets are also used to fabricate the skirts, kurtis and other dress forms.

Modern Kasavu

Kasavu saree is worn mostly during Onam and even the Onam saree is made from the mundu set which is a form of the Kasavu saree. It is also a great option for any other festival or occasion.

Gone are the days when kasavu sarees were plain silk or cotton. Today, you will find this fabric in georgette and chiffon sarees as well. The pattern and the motifs change to match the modern fabric and their trends. Kasavu sarees is also worn by the artists performing Mohini Attam.

Shopping for Kasavu saree

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