Kundan Work Sarees

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Kundan Work Sarees

Kundan Sarees display a richness that is unmatched by any other saree mainly because of the intricate style of embroidery. The choice and overall style plays a very important role in making a saree stand out and in the case of Kundan Sarees, you have the ‘zardozi’ style of embroidery coupled with the Kundan work. First, zardozi embroidery is done on the fabric, using gold and silver threads, and then, pearls and gemstones are studded onto it.

Kundan fabrics date back to the Mughal era when this form of artistry enjoyed royal patronage. Kundan Sarees were once very popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat and have seen a revival today. Kundan Sarees today are inlaid with semiprecious stones, crystals, and silver and are more affordable as a result.

The most popular fabric for making Kundan Sarees is silk, but today, other fabrics have also become popular, such as georgette and chiffon. The base of the embroidery work on Kundan Sarees is now silver, which makes these sarees accessible to all.

Exploring the world of Kundan Sarees

When it comes to creating Kundan Sarees, the overall process is basically a brilliant mix of the smaller niche process which involves a multitude of embroidery and stone work. Different artisans and craftsmen assemble together to carry out this work. This applies to Kundan jewellery too! There are different varieties of Kundan jewellery, of which Meena Kundan is one of the most popular.

In Kundan Sarees, too, different kinds of stones and pearls are used to create unique looks, and due to this, each saree is exclusive, with no two sarees being alike. Whether it be a simple georgette saree with Kundan work only on the pallu, or then a heavy, bridal silk saree with kundan work on the entire saree, the varieties available in Kundan Sarees are unparalleled.

More about Kundan Sarees

Kundan Sarees are particularly popular among Bollywood leading ladies. In the movie, Jodha Akbar, Aishwarya Rai was seen wearing Kundan dresses and Kundan jewellery. Also, Kundan Sarees are very popular among Indian brides. These sarees when teamed with Kundan jewellery, lend an exquisite and royal look on the wedding day or during the wedding reception.

You can also ask your designer to craft lehengas and other fusion dresses from Kundan fabric. Indian designers are increasingly creating Kundan Sarees by teaming up the best in zardozi embroidery with precious and semi precious stones, pearls, and crystals.

In order to look after your Kundan Sarees, you should dry clean them and then wrap them in velvet cloth for storage. This applies to your Kundan jewellery too!

Shopping online for Kundan Sarees

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Kundan Sarees can be as heavy as you want for bridal wear, or as light and breezy as you want for party wear. The exquisite embroidery and stone work will stand out no matter the occasion. You can buy a traditional or a trendy Kundan Saree of your choice at the best price as it boasts the latest collection of Kundan Sarees and Kundan jewellery. So, don’t wait for any longer. Take advantage of the shipping policy. Log onto Saree.com for online shopping and pick the Kundan Saree of your choice…today!