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Lehenga Style Saree Designs

A lot of women miss out on the beautiful feeling of wearing a saree, simply because they don’t know how to drape it. Many of those who know the draping method tend not to be confident of their draping. Others don’t feel comfortable with so many pleats tucked at their waist. While, there is another section that loves sarees, but feels that tying and draping them takes a lot of time and effort.

Well, to help all such women, as well as let all saree lovers get a taste of something novel – Lehenga Saree was introduced.

What is a Lehenga Saree?

A lehenga saree, as the name suggests, is a lovely blend of two of most popular Indian ethnic outfits – saree and lehenga. Saree, most of us know, is a flat, unstitched length of fabric that is draped over a petticoat, an underskirt, and is paired with a blouse choli. Lehenga is a skirt like a garment that is embellished and flared and is also paired typically with a choli.

The lehenga saree is a cross breed that has the convenient and flare of a lehenga, and the grace and sensuality of a saree – combined in one elegant ensemble.

How is a Lengha Saree worn?

It is worn over a petticoat, like a regular saree, and is paired with a stylish choli. However, these sarees don’t need to be pleated. The area that’s typically pleated in a saree has a lehenga-like fall and flare, while the pallu is draped and pinned, as you would style a duppatta with a usual lehenga.

What makes Lehenga Sarees popular?

Cross between lehengas and sarees, these are a lot of fun. Stylish and trendy lehenga saree is the latest fashion trend, and is loved by women of all ages. Many women prefer wearing heavy Lehenga Sarees for their weddings, or during important functions. As they are quite easy to drape, they can be worn by young girls, staying away from their families.

Many women need to run to salon and beauticians to get help to drape sarees. Well, they need not do that with Lehenga Sarees, as they don’t need any pleating on the waist. The frock-like flare on the pleat area gives a beautiful mermaid-like look to curvy girls wearing lehenga sarees.

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