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Buy Viscose Saree Online : Pocket and Eco Friendly Viscose Sari

Fabric that speaks comfort! Viscose is a semi-natural fabric made from cellulose pulp. It may not be as breathable as cotton, but it still is highly used in textiles industry for its all-weather appeal and cost friendly appeal.

Viscose can be spun into rayon to make a thin, light and breathable fabric, which is thereafter used extensively for making garments. With the shift towards eco-friendly products, viscose sarees, shirts and other types of garments made with this fluid fabric have been capturing the market extensively. It is also used for making curtains upholstery and carpets. Viscose is also blended with pure cotton yarn to make sarees with greater fluidity and breathability. Since this yarn absorbs water, it’s comfortable to wear in summers – but may be too coarse or heavy. Blend of cotton and viscose ensures such unwanted aspects are removed.

What is the difference between viscose and cotton?

Both of these are made from cellulose fibers. The major difference lies in their source. While cotton is obtained from cotton plants only, the latter can be made from a variety of plants like soy, bamboo and sugar cane. Viscose – since it is heavy, rough or textured initially - is also intensively chemically treated to make the fabric more soft and flowing, as compared to cotton.

Buying a viscose saree Online

Depending on its raw material and weave, this material can be renamed as rayon, art silk or even satin and synthetic velvet. One of the biggest advantages of viscose sarees is their economical price range, and while the prices are not too high, these sarees can be detailed to be adapted for everyday wear as well as festive-wear.

Printed viscose georgette sarees will make an easy-breezy and super comfortable garment for your summery outings while the heavier versions like tussar viscose sarees as well as similar art silk blended variants adorned with shimmers and colorful appliqués can be carried off at cultural and formal social meets. You can buy such stylish saris online on

Kota Viscose sarees

This is an artificial silk blend. Its weave is relatively thin and slightly lustrous. Such art silk saris are quite easy to pleat and given their reasonable prices, they are quite popular too.

Fabric care and maintenance

Most viscose sarees may be easily creased. Also, since they made from semi natural fibers, they are prone to wear and tear, and may be easily damaged. So such drapes should be handled delicately. Get your saris dry cleaned as far as possible, and avoid ironing at high temperatures- steam ironing is suggested. Avoid machine wash as this can lead to immediate tarnishing.

Improved production methods

The old technology used for producing viscose caused a lot of pollution since there are a number of chemical processes involved. However with the rising need of using organic ingredients, new and less polluting ways for producing this fabric have been developed. Also, designers have been using it creatively and have taken it to the runway as well. With these conscious efforts, we can expect viscose saris and other garments made with this fluid fabric to be ruling the fashion world in the coming years!