Lucknowi Chikankari Sarees

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Lucknowi Chikankari Sarees

Lucknow is known for its heritage, grandeur, culture and history. This capital city of UP can best be described by the four Hindi words; Nawab, aadaab ('respect'), kebab and shabab ('beauty'). The city is also famous for its Chikankari sarees and the embroidery craft involved. This craft dates back 400 years; some believe it came into existence somewhere during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. While there are speculations, the actual origins of the craft are yet unknown. Lucknowi Chikankari sarees depict the royal grace and elegance that comes with the culture and the city; they depict subtlety what is core to Lucknow’s culture.

Exploring the Chikankari saree

To better understand the Lucknowi Chikankari sarees one must first learn about the chikan craft. Meaning embroidery, chikan is an intricate art utilising over thirty different kinds of stitching techniques. More recently a number of embellishments including pearls, mirrors, mukaish, etc. have also been included during the embroidering to make the chikankari saree look aesthetic and appropriate for different occasions. Traditionally chikan involved embroidering on white muslin cloth with white thread, but now days a variety of colours of threads and fabrics as well as different kinds of fabrics are used to design Chikankari saree as per the modern woman’s needs.

We cannot fully understand the chikankari craft without talking about the process involved. Craftsmen go through four basic processes for Lucknowi chikankari sarees.

First, the design is engraved onto wooden blocks to make stamps. Next, the design is printed onto the fabric using the wooden block stamps. These designs are printed in blue ink. During embroidery stage, the pure georgette chikan sarees are embroidered by stitching over the ink printed on them. The motifs on the chikankari sarees vary both in size and design mostly depending on the region of production and the craftsmen doing the art. Finally, the Lucknowi Chikankari sarees are washed to remove any traces of the blue ink.

Although Lucknow remains the original home of the Chikan Saree, the craft has spread to other parts of the country as well. The types of sarees have evolved, and pure georgette chikan sarees are also very popular these days. A chikankari saree can take up to ten days to finish making depending on the type of pattern and the length of the sarees.

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