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Magenta Colour Sarees in Silk, Georgette, Chiffon and Other Fabrics

Magenta Sarees: A vivacious style statement

Choosing a sari for an elite evening party will have your nerves working harder for picking the right colour and while a black saree may be the first thing on your mind, you cannot ignore the classy appeal of a magenta coloured sari! Falling between warm red and cold blue, magenta symbolizes universal love and harmony. With lively semantics, such saris tend to keep you high spirits and are hence popular for cocktail parties as well as festivities.

The contemporary appeal of magenta silk sarees

Indian silk sarees were traditionally dyed in shades that were culturally significant- red, yellow, green, orange and pink were the ruling hues all these years however, in recent times handloom sarees have been adapted to include bright and contemporary colours like magenta. So these days it's easy to find an ostentatious hand-woven Magenta Banarasi sarees and magenta colour pattu sarees being woven in the looms of Tamil Nadu to cater to the growing market for modern ethnic wear.

Buying magenta sarees online

The innately fiery vibes of magenta lay the foundation for its high versatility. So while a temple-detailed magenta Kanchipuram silk saree spells ethnic beauty, a plain dark magenta color saree in georgette, velvet or chiffon will stand out as an elegant and upscale fashion statement for a cocktail party. stocks a wide range of magenta sarees with a lovely assortment of details to suit different occasions.

Which kind of accessories can be worn with magenta Sarees?

Depending on the design of your saree, you can choose your accessories. For example, for a magenta silk saree with metallic weaves, you can wear traditional metallic jewellery matching the colour of zari. While plain magenta Sarees give you the liberty to experiment with a range of accessories made with threads, beads or even organic fibers- so go ahead and accessorize as per the occasion!

Which coloured blouse will look good with a magenta saree?

Neutrals like black, cream and white, golden, silver and taupe can be easily paired with a magenta saree, without being loud. However, if you're inclined towards some colour blocking then you can pair your magenta saree with an aqua blue, pastel green or mustard coloured blouse. Contrasting colours tend to get more attention so you know what to pick when you want to get noticed! For all bubbly girls, a pink blouse paired with a magenta saree will give you gorgeous rosy vibes!