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Maroon Sarees – A Traditional, Flattering Choice Loved by most Women

Maroon sarees are one of the popular drapes, generally preferred by women of all ages and tastes. Coming right next to the much loved red, deep maroon is also considered as an auspicious hue and is often a colour picked by brides for their wedding ceremony or reception. Basically a darker tone of red, with a hint of brown, maroon is a strong, grounding colour that represents confidence, warmth, courage and power. In India, maroon sarees, since centuries, have been used to decorate idols of deities, which signifies the deep cultural significance of this colour.

A Flattering and Slimming Color – Maroon

Maroon is not intense like orange or red, yet it is a jewel tone that’s undeniably an asset in any wardrobe. It has a grounding feel, looks ravishing and charming, despite being a dark, dusky tone – and it has umpteen tones and shades. From a purplish wine maroon saree to a pinky, rosy maroon and those dark, divine saris, which are a slice of scarlet shades with some metallic sheen – maroons are one of the most appealing palette – you can try – given you are okay with such deep hues. Given this feel and vibe, maroon is a slimming, skimming color – especially because it is made with brown or black tinge. So, it suits most body types – and goes great as evening and winter wear. Maybe that’s why many brides choose it.

Maroon saris for weddings and festive occasions

This colour is perhaps the most popular festive hue, and is therefore found in almost every woman’s saree collection. Maroon silk or pattu sarees woven with metallic zari yarns forming rich nature inspired forms- makes an appealing outfit for Indian festivities. For the ones who are not too inclined towards ostentatious details, can drape a plain maroon saree edged with a simple golden border. You can accessorize such a garment with traditional golden jewellery for an effortlessly stylish look- this is an alluring colour by itself!

Maroon saris for regular wear

You can wear maroon sarees for office- for this hue has a formal and dignified look. An embroidered cotton saree with earthy tones of maroon is a stylish pick for boss ladies who patronize ethnic-wear. Likewise, a maroon georgette sari with white flower prints can work well as a trendy outfit for your leisurely outings.

Which blouse colour will match maroon saris?

Cream coloured blouse looks extremely elegant with maroon sarees. Given the warm undertones of this hue, golden, beige, brown and mustard or rust orange are other complementing shades. For a contrasting combination you can pick a purple designer blouse. Maroon saree with green blouse is another traditionally established ensemble for religious ceremonies.

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