Matka Silk Sarees

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Matka Silk Sarees

A by-product of silk making is rough silk, called so because it retains the gum from the silk. This mulberry silk waste is not useless and has been found to make perfectly good Matka Silk Sarees. If you feel the texture of the pure Matka silk saree, you would be reminded of a tweed cloth. They are largely found in the states of Karnataka and Kashmir but, Matka silk sarees are spun in West Bengal, in the Malda and Murshidabad districts. Sujapur in West Bengal and Dariapur in Gujarat are some of the Indian Matka cotton sarees producers. There is also a loom in Bangladesh, known to produce excellent Matka silk sarees.

Exploring the world of Matka silk sarees

While the pure Matka silk saree is tweed like is texture, and pretty rough, it is considered to be quite unique. You will see that this beautiful saree is indeed a tailor’s delight, as it can be sewn into easily. According to the yarn used to design the Matka silk sarees, the thickness of the saree can be determined. Items made from Matka silk including sarees, fabrics and home furnishing are of a specifically determined thickness.

You will find an excellent collection of Matka silk sarees, although the patterns may be limited. You will see that most of the pure Matka silk sarees are inspired by checks and other geometric plain patterns. In a lot of Matka cotton sarees, you will observe that the designs are only present along the pallu, while the entire saree remains plain. The deftness along the border carries a lot of grace and design, which makes the saree look rich, and appropriate for many occasions. A slight hint of cotton along with the silk makes it wearable across seasons.

You will observe that Matka cotton sarees are pretty airy and comfortable, making it the perfect choice round the seasons. Mostly found in single colours, accompanied by a zari border, Matka silk sarees are indeed trendy, and should be a part of your saree collection. Donning it to a socialite party or an engagement ceremony or a puja will give you the unique standing that you are looking for. The patterned bands and checks are also gaining popularity as patterns of Matka silk sarees.

Some of Bollywood’s elite including Vidya Balan have popularised the wearing of Matka silk sarees through example.

Online shopping for your desired Matka silk sarees has become easy with There’s a huge collection of trendy outfits both designer wear and new arrivals for the pure Matka silk sarees. You can check through the Matka cotton sarees as well for the different patterns and styles. Get one for your wardrobe to make it complete for the next occasion.