Mulberry Sarees

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Mulberry Sarees

‘Silk’- a word that instantly brings the visuals of a soft, lustrous and smooth fabric to mind – is one of the most loved fabrics, till date. Originating in China, it soon became a popular fabric world-wide and was embraced by royal and affluent families. This luxurious fabric is woven from natural protein fibers made from the cocoon of certain insect larvae like mulberry silkworms, raspy crickets, silverfish, beetles, fleas and some more.

Out of these, silk made from mulberry worms is the most accepted, as it has come to be established as the best-quality, most lustrous silk. Well, another reason for the popularity of this variant is the fact that it could be mass produced more easily than other varieties and hence caught on worldwide. Despite being extremely expensive, mulberry silks are much in demand – for all kinds of ensembles that are meant for special occasions. From Western wedding gowns to Indian lehengas and Sarees to Middle Eastern robes – mulberry silk is always the fabric of choice for special outfits.

The process of Sericulture

Mulberry silk is extracted from the insect Bombyx Mori L, which feeds on the mulberry leaves – and hence the name. Production of silk from these worms – that involves breeding, rearing and then extraction of silk – is known as Sericulture. The process is cultivated and controlled, where the larvae climb a twig placed near them and spin their cocoons. These cocoons are composed of dense protein fluid secreted from their structural glands. These fluids solidify, when they come in contact with air. The cocoons are then immersed in boiling water so they are in the best usable condition – for silk production.

Around 2500 worms are required to produce one pound of usable quality silk. Putting all variants together, China and India are the largest producers of silk in the world, accounting for nearly 60 percent of the world production. Mulberry silk is extracted from the domesticated silk worn – so the entire process is controlled, which means the cocoons are taken at a stage, where the silk yarn is at its highest quality. This cannot be controlled in the case of wild silks like tussar. Thus, the overall softness and lustre of mulberry silk is higher.

Sarees made with Mulberry Silk

Being the highest variant of the fabric, Mulberry silk saris are quite high priced. These drapes are mostly combined with golden and silver threads to make beautiful zari work saris. A simple plain mulberry sari with gota patti work or lace work also qualifies for grand occasions. The fabric contains a natural protein called sericin that makes it hypoallergenic. has beautiful drapes made with these natural fibers blended with the beauty of Indian craftsmanship. Our grand range of handloom saris has gorgeous motifs and scenic details weaved efficiently to make exclusive outfits. Our reasonable prices will give you a designer wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket!

An timless, heirloom possession:

A silk sari is not just a drape, it is a possession that stays in an Indian woman’s wardrobe for decades and in many families it is gifted to the next generation as an heirloom. The unmatchable sheen and finish of the material makes silk sarees an eternally stylish garment!