Mysore Silk Sarees

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Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore is a beautiful tourist place located in the state of Karnataka in Southern India. During the reign of Tipu Sultan, sericulture flourished in this small city which then started producing fine silk from the cocoons of mulberry worms. This fabric is typically known as Mysore silk and is known worldwide due to its fine texture and finish.

Saris made with Mysore silk:

A favourite with South Indian brides, Mysore silk drapes are characterized by its elaborate zari borders. Initially, such finely woven sarees marked the affluent wardrobe of royal families and in present times, the attire continues to hold its positions as an appealing traditional garment for weddings in major parts of the country. Woven with vibrant colorful yarns of mulberry silk, these dapres are adorned with intricately patterned borders having flower vines, geometrical shapes, checks and stripes. You can flaunt a colorful Mysore silk sari accessorized with ethnic gold jewellery at a family wedding or an auspicious occasion like house-warming ceremony. These saris also make a good gifting option during celebrations and also a priceless family heirloom.

Buying aunthentic sarees:

While Mysore silk sarees are one of the most popular variants of silk drapes in India and are in great demand even overseas, as a buyer you must be aware and buy only authentic products. Sarees woven with mulberry silk yarns and in the handlooms of Mysore and surrounding areas in Karnataka are only considered as authentic Mysore drapes for a saree connoisseur. At, you will find a beautiful collection of such genuine silk drapes sourced from the right locations.


It is always better to accessorize such ethnic silhouettes with traditional jewellery. Your jewellery should match the colour of the zari on the drape or else you can always style your outfits with pearl ornaments. Pearls tend to give an elegant touch to the attire. Adding a gem studded clutch bag and embellished footwear will also glam-up the ethnic look of your ensemble!

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