Orissa Sarees

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Orissa Sarees

Did you know that Orissa has a history dating back to more than two thousand years? Well, it does, and this history doesn’t just encompass famous monuments like the Konark Sun Temple or the infamous Kalinga battle and the great emperor Asoka - but also the glorious handloom textiles that have been produced or evolved by Orissa weavers, since times immemorial. The blooming industry of textiles in Orissa has handlooms, which are varied and amazing, and are practised by highly skilled weavers and artisans.

Orissa Sarees are the sub-set of these lovely fabrics and materials hand-crafted in Odhisa. According to a recent census, there are about four lakh weavers in Orissa, operating about 1 lakh looms, making Orissa Sarees and popular Odhisa handloom fabrics like the iconic Samphalpuri ikats.

The State of Ikkats

This eastern state of India is famous for myriad weaves and thus, saris, such as the Bomkai Saree, the Sambalpuri Saree, the Kotpad Sari, the Bapta Saree, the Pasapalli Sari, the Khandua Saree, the Sonepuri Saree, the Tanta Sari, the Mattha Saree, the Berhampuri Saree, and the Tussar silk Saree.

Orissa Sarees are very characteristically popular, due to their intricate ikkat patterns. Ikkat is a handloom craft, produced by skilled dyeing and weaving of warp and weft yarns. Artisans use both Single Ikkat as well as Double Ikkat to create beautiful and original patterns on the fabric materials Single Ikkat involves dyeing either the warp or weft threads, whereas, in Double Ikkat, both yarns are carefully dyed so that when they come together, they create beautiful and original patterns and designs. Pasapalli, Sambhalpuri, Behrampuri – all are popular variants of the Ikat weaving. Pasapalli is super popular as it has classic square patterns, which resemble an ancient board game by the same name – also known as pasas or chaupad.

Sterling Handloom Sarees from Odhisa

Another traditional saree from Southern Orissa is the Bomkai saree, which is also very popular. This saree is named after the village where it is woven. Using a heavy low count cotton yarn, the Bomkai sarees are woven and dyed in bright colours, mostly black and red, on a silk fabric.

Bomkai Sarees have an unusually large pallu, which is created using a time-consuming weaving technique. Through this technique, the warp threads are cut and then retied to different coloured warps. This technique goes by the local name of muhajorhi. The procedure used to create the Bomkai pattern on the saree is called the Jala technique.

Some Bomkai Sarees use different motifs, such as small fishes, woven onto their border. Fish symbolise good health and prosperity. Bomkai Sarees are the variety of Orissa Sarees that are very much in demand, due to their traditional look, as well as elegant and understated colour palette.

Fabrics Galore

Orissa Sarees are available in both cotton and silk and in the traditional colours of blue, red, orange, and other dark colours. However, weavers have begun experimenting with many other colours too, including the neutrals and light colors – which are original tussar silk yarn colors. The many varieties of brilliant Odhisa cotton sarees can be worn at work, formal meetings and for all sorts of occasions. Cotton silk blends or sico saris are quite popular now, given they offer the lustre of silk but at lower prices. The Odhisa silk sarees can be worn either during the day for a formal function, or then the heaviest ones, among them, like Bomkai silks and traditional Ikat Khandua silk saris can be worn for an exclusive wedding reception or for all sorts of Indian functions and ceremonies.

A cotton Orissa Saree with traditional motifs and mythological designs can be worn for various Indian festivals, where traditional dressing is required. These sarees can be accessorised with large or small ethnic jewellery pieces to bring out the trendy ethnic look, which is very popular these days.

Pack a punch in Prices You’ll love

A remarkable thing about Odhisa handlooms is that most of them are amazingly affordable – and come in a great price range that suits every pocket. These lovely, original handloom Orissa Sarees are available both online and offline at a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Prices range from Rs. 2000 (or lesser! for cottons and muls) to Rs 20,000 (or slightly higher), depending on the fabric, the intricacy of design and weave. Orissa Ikkat Sarees are getting increasingly popular among celebrities and corporate head honchos. Film actresses like Vidya Balan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and some of the top powerful women like Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj, Chanda Kochar have been spotted in elegant Odhisa ikats and heritage Sambalpuri saris.

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To maintain Odhisa Silk Sarees, you can wash them by hand in the mildest detergents or mild shampoos, or give them out for dry cleaning, whereas for Orisaa Cotton Sarees, you can wash them on gentle cycles even in the washing machine – but it’s best to get these materials dry cleaned at least for the initial few times.

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