Pashmina Sarees

Pashmina Sarees

Pashmina is a form of fine wool obtained from specific breeds of goat found in the Himalayan range of India, Tibet and Nepal. The word translates to ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri. This fine wool is woven in the handlooms of that region to make shawls and scarves which are famous all over the world and these high-priced garments make a great souvenir for tourists visiting the heavenly place.

Pashmina Silk:

Over the years, the popularity of this fine wool has increased tremendously. However, being a form of wool, the use of Pashmina garments were limited to winters. With innovations in the textile industry, these days the wool fabric is blended with fine silk yarns obtained from the Himalayan range to make Pashmina silk garments. This moderately warm, smooth and lustrous fabric is extensively used in making sarees and other forms of clothing, apart from shawls and scarves.

Unmatched beauty:

Given the blend of fine wool with silk which imparts unmatched beauty to the material, a Pashmina silk saree is a priceless possession. This unique fabric has appealing softness and luster which contribute to its glamour which is only accentuated with fine-handloom weaving. A lot of designers and brands based in Kashmir have successfully tapped a global market with these finely woven drapes that sell at exorbitant prices due to their exclusivity and finish.

Buying a Pashmina Silk Saree:

These days, the term ‘Pashmina’ describes a pure ‘cashmere’ fabric as well as Pashmina blends with either 50 percent or 30 percent silk. While purchasing a Pashmina saree, you must always read the label which mentions the proportions of its make. Reputed websites like sell such genuine handloom saris at the best price.

Fabric Maintenance:

Pashmina and its blends tend to get softer with each wash. If you’re hand-washing your sari at home, then use a mild detergent and watch out for colour-bleed. With proper care you can keep up the beauty of your drape for years!