Patola Sarees

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Patola Sarees

The legendary Patan Patola is the pride of the western Indian state of Gujarat. This glorious weave, painstakingly hand dyed, handspun, and hand-woven to perfection, is the stuff dreams are made of. Fit for royalty, the rare and amazing handloom treasure, Patola weave is a true labour of love.

Each Patola piece takes immense effort and time. The technique that’s used to make these fabrics, most of which are sarees and dupattas, is 100% indigenous. Meticulously hand-dyed using eco-friendly dyes and laborious resist-dyeing processes, Patolas are woven to perfection, by handful of master weavers, using centuries-old, culturally-preserved, complex weaving techniques. No wonder, the ‘real’ Patolas are extremely rare and expensive. These sarees are generally made in a special pure silk-cotton blended yarn, or a pure wild silk yarn variety.

The Colorful Double Ikkat Weave

The Patan Patola Sarees were never meant for the masses, right from the beginning. In fact, this saree was integrally linked to the royalty and special occasions. While the vibrant play of colors and the awe-inspiring interplay of geometric, ikkat patterns is alluring to everyone, these precious sarees are not for everyone – as they are very pricey, and are not available easily. In fact, each ‘real’ Patola saree takes upto months to be made- and is only made-to-order.

Beauty in Simplicity

And, the glory of these resplendent sarees doesn’t lie in the gold or zari inlay, unlike other popular weaves like Kanjivaram or Banarasi. On the contrary, Patolas are simpler and plainer, and their preciousness emerges from the uniqueness of color, patterns and textures they have. Many other weaving techniques in India and the world play with the popular Ikkat weave, but nowhere else do the geometric motifs assume the stature of grandeur – as they do in the famed Patolas.

Taken to Malaysia, Indonesia….

In the past, the Patan Patolas were considered extremely auspicious, and in many parts of South East Asia, they were considered as precious as gems. Many also held them as mythical magical clothes/ fabrics, which had magical, holy powers. Till today, thus, many royal and rich families always have a Patola element in their weddings and scared occasions.

Be wary of the fakes…

Owing to the rampant mass production of fabrics and a barrage of replicas and fakes available in the international/ national markets, it is easy to get mislead and buy fake weaves. Although, it is not yet easy to re-create and produce the same effect and colors of a rich real Patola Saree – in a fake, you must remain careful.

If you wish to buy a real, overall handloom Patola Saree, always buy it from a trusted, authentic source. This will ensure that you get a genuine, hand-woven piece, and are not cheated., backed by Asoapalv, is a leader in Gujarati sarees and handlooms. You can ask us for a 100% authentic Patola Saree – which will be then made to order by one of our trusted sources in Rajkot/ Patan area in Gujarat. Asopalav family has its roots in the small town of Patan – which is the homeland of rich Patolas – and that is why, it is always a treat for us to go back to our weavers in this city – asking for a genuine Patola.

The genuine substitutes

It’s understandable that not everyone will or will be able to buy a real Patola Saree. But, the vibrance and charm of the Patola ikkat is quite alluring. To cater to that niche, offers substitutes of Patola Saris.

Most Patola Sarees you get in the markets are actually Patola prints. These sarees are lesser in price, and they are not handloom sarees. At too, you can buy Patola print sarees, which will clearly come at lower prices than the real, overall Patola sarees.

Then, there are handloom sarees that have only Patola borders. Since these are easier and faster to make, and are generally available in duller colors – which reduces the effort in their making – their prices are also relatively lower than traditional Patolas. houses all sorts of Patola sarees to cater to client requirements of all types. After all, one may not be able to buy the rarest or most expensive of the Patola Sarees, but that should not stop her from enjoying the lovely rarity of the buoyant Patolas.

Buying Patola Sarees Online

Making a purchase decision for buying online something as rare and as expensive as a real, overall handloom Patola Sari is not an easy one. Yet, you can be assured of 100% authenticity and great quality with As we hail from the state of Gujarat, the royal Patolas are right at the heart and centre of our operations.

We source our handloom Patola Sarees directly from the weavers. So, you can be assured of buying only the best Patola saree online from In case, you wish to buy a lesser variant of the Patola saree, you can get that too from

With, you can ask for these majestic Patola Sarees – that are just perfect for an elegant woman waiting to make a regal impression – from anywhere in India or from across the world, be it  USAUKCananda,Australia, Europe etc.

List of Patola Sarees with Price

Mustard Silk Patola Print Traditional Woven Saree 49,980 INR
Pink Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree with Elephant Motif 3,510 INR
Blue Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree with Elephant Motif 3,510 INR
Orange Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree 3,510 INR
Purple Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree with Animal and Bird Motif 3,510 INR
Red Art Silk Traditional Patola Woven Saree with Contrast Pallu 3,510 INR
Royal Blue Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree with Elephant and Bird Motif 3,510 INR
Pink Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree Contrast Border and Pallu 3,510 INR
Green Art Silk Traditional Woven Patola Saree with Elephant and Bird Motif 3,510 INR
Red Silk Traditional Patola Woven Saree 4,290 INR